Episode #138 - Wired For Battle

In the woods, Team Rocket is spying on the group ready to spring another pitfall trap on them. Just then an old man offers to have a Pokemon battle with them. They get scared though when he calls his Scizor to fight. He seems to beat them easily, and then they run off like the cowards they are. Just then Scizor jumps off and scares Ash's group. Pikachu stands bravely ready to fight. Brock seems to think it's a wild Scizor, until the old man walks out and calls it his own. The old man's name is Muramasa and his Scizor is named Masamune. Misty angrily chastises him for letting his Scizor roam free, this probably rooted in Misty's fear of bugs. Back at the school, everything is very formal and everyone behaves very politely. It is a school where people come to train their Pokemon to become great. One of the students at the school doesn't entirely agree with their philosophy though. The student named Shingo, has become more dependent on his laptop computer recently and has even stopped having actual Pokemon battles believing that the computer has already determined the outcome for him. Ash challenges Shingo to a battle, but he refuses totally convinced from his computer he'll win. Ash doesn't buy it, but the others stop him saying the computer stated they'd lose too, and they did. Team Rocket is spying on the situation and agree they could steal Pokemon more effectively if they had his data. They plot to download Shingo's computer as Meowth hooks up the cable, he gives the signal. James opens his computer up, but not a second passes until Jessie starts pulling all the cable in, intent on using it to retrieve the actual computer. James is stunned as she states she's "downloading the computer" having misunderstood the highly common computer terminology she continues to pull until the computer is being dragged in, Meowth dangling with it. This continues until Muramasa's Scizor steps on the cable, and cuts it. Meowth is scared as the Scizor stands over him glaring down. Shingo comes down to see what the matter is and Team Rocket reveal themselves with the motto, as usual slightly changed to reflect the situation. When Shingo check's his database for Jessie and James, he doesn't find them. Jessie and James insult Shingo and say his database is shameful if it doesn't include them. Shingo gets mad and battles with them. He uses his Scizor named Blade. Blade is quite fast and as Team Rocket begin to battle, he records their stats on his computer. After Team Rocket is defeated, Ash challenges Shingo to the match once again. After a little pressure from Ash, he agrees to it. Ash battles Shingo with Heracross against his Scizor. As it starts, everything is going according to plan for Shingo. Ash is losing and Shingo watches an HP bar on his computer as Heracross continues to get attacked. Ash and Heracross battle hard, and begin to go contrary to what the computer says should be happening. Shingo can't watch the computer and the battle at the same time, so in his distraction Ash takes the advantage. Shingo finally decides for himself to forget the computer and he too focuses on the battle. He gives his Scizor commands on his own without the computer's help, and he comes close to beating Ash. Nearing the end of the battle, Heracross finally manages to defeat Scizor. After a tough battle, Ash and Shingo shake hands as Shingo now realizes that the computer can never give you the whole story about a Pokemon battle.