Episode #140 - A Shadow of a Drought

On his journey to the Johto League, Ash arrives in Azalea Town, the location of the next gym, but a drought has set in and the gym is closed until further notice. While trying to find Kurt, Ash accidentally hurts a Slowpoke and angers the townsfolk, but is saved by a man dressed as Slowpoke. The man tells Ash, Misty and Brock that the Slowpoke's are sacred, as when a drought previously hit the town, a Slowpoke yawned and it began to rain. The man then runs off. Meanwhile, Team Rocket, in a search for water, have invaded the Slowpoke Well and decide to capture all the Slowpoke and sell them to the town. As the gang try to find Kurt, they meet up with his daughter and realize that Kurt is at the Slowpoke Well. Heading to the well themselves, they manage to defeat Team Rocket and save the Slowpokes, even though the Slowpoke Man has hurt his back. The Slowpokes leave the cave and yawn together, creating a storm to cure the drought. As the town rejoices, the gang realize that Kurt and 'Slowpoke Man' are one and the same.