Episode #141 - Going Apricorn

Ash, Misty, Brock and the girl are walking through the woods, the girl explains that getting pokeballs is a lot more complicated than people think. They approach a large tree but fall into a covered hole. Team Rocket comes and Meowth lassos Pikachu with a rope, then Jessie puts him into an electric-proof jar. Their plan is simple, to use a vacuum cleaner to scoop up the apricorns.

The girl is afraid they'll hurt the tree and tries to climb out of the hole but she can't. Ash has Bulbasaur lift them all out with Vine Whip. They run after Team Rocket, who is using the vacuum, but then Team Rocket falls into another hole and drops Pikachu as they fall. Ash catches him and lets him out of the jar.

They look down into the hole but Team Rocket is gone. It turns out that this hole was dug by a colony of Diglett, and Brock says that the Diglett protect the trees. The Pokemon in this area rely on each other to keep nature in balance.

Team Rocket gets lost in the Diglett tunnels. They finally get out to discover that they're in mid-air above a cliff, and plunge down into the trees below.

Back with our heroes, the girl is pointing out different trees. Blue apricorns are used to make Lure balls for catching water Pokemon and brown ones are used to make Heavy balls for Pokemon that weigh a lot. Ash approaches a tree but gets surprised by a bunch of Pineco. Brock runs forward to see, when a sharp wind blows the Pineco out of the tree and Brock scrambles to catch them.

Team Rocket is back, using a giant pedal-powered fan to blow the Pineco away. Brock keeps saving the Pineco that fall out of the tree, until one of them hops up the hill toward Team Rocket, and he tries to stop it. Team Rocket pedals harder and the wind gets stronger, threatening to blow the apricorns away. Ash tells Pikachu to Thunderbolt but the machine absorbs the electricity.

The Pineco that Brock is holding gets away from him, hops up the hill and knocks Team Rocket off the machine, and the wind stops. They send Arbok and Victreebell to attack it, but it dodges. Brock gets worried that the Pineco will self-destruct, and the girl tells him to use his Fastball. He does and captures the Pineco just as Arbok attacks again. Arbok misses and knocks into Team Rocket instead.

Now Team Rocket sends their Pokemon to attack Pikachu but he dodges them and knocks them both out in one blow with Quick Attack. Then he shorts out the fan machine with Thunder attack, and it explodes, sending TR blasting off. The girl is happy and wants to tell her grandfather about everything that happened. Brock lets out the Pineco, saying that he'd like to be friends, and it happily blows up in his face.

They return to Kurt's house with the apricorns and he says he will make them new pokeballs. He hasn't found anything out about the GS ball yet; he doesn't know who designed it and it's protected by a powerful lock. He asks to keep it for a while and Ash says it's okay.