Episode #209 - Fly Me To the Moon

Ash and his friends are walking along the shore when Misty spots a group of Corsola swimming toward a small island. She wants to catch one and looks around for a boat, but a young man behind them tells her that she wouldn't get very far because of the whirlpools. Then she gets dejected and wishes she could fly across to the island.

The man says that he's the island's caretaker and he can take them there. He guides them to a rope bridge, which they barely manage to cross without being blown off. This is Pudgy Pidgey Isle, where the Pidgey have grown very fat because they don't have to fly away from predators.

The kids are invited to the man's cabin, and introduced to his Pidgey, Orville, who is normal-sized and can fly. The Pidgey wants to be able to carry messages, even though the practise is outdated due to modern technology. It was inspired by a painting on the cabin wall of a Pidgey flying to the sun.

Ash calls Professor Oak to tell him about the island. Afterwards the caretaker explains how he helped Orville practise flying every day. It's Orville's dream to fly higher than any Pokemon, but it would be impossible to measure such a flight from the ground. Team Rocket is listening fron the window, and comes up with a plan. They come to the door in disguise claiming to be meteorologists, and offer their (disguised) balloon to help Orville realise its dream. Everyone is invited along. It's agreed that they will leave first thing in the morning when the wind is best.

That night, Meowth talks to Orville. He wants to help because he once wanted to be better than other Pokemon and learned how to speak human talk. He gives Orville a miniature microphone so they can stay in contact during the flight.

In the morning, everyone boards the balloon and Orville takes off. The Pidgey is so fast that rockets have to be deployed from the balloon to help them keep up. As the ascent continues, everyone has to put on oxygen masks. Orville outflies a flock of Spearow, and gets an assist from Pikachu when threatened by a Fearow. Unfortunately when the Fearow falls, it grazes the balloon and tears off the cloth disguising it, and Team Rocket is revealed.

By this time though, there isn't enough oxygen to worry about a battle. Ash shares his mask with Pikachu and Misty shares hers with Togepi. Meowth continues to speak with Orville, who is numb from cold but refuses to give up. Even when the balloon's rockets fail, the valiant Pidgey flies on until it can see the moon and the stars spread out above.

Concerned about Orville's health, Meowth tells it to come back down. Orville dives down, and barely manages to land in the basket of the balloon. An oxygen mask and a shock from Pikachu revive it. The adventure isn't over though, because the balloon develops a hole and plummets out of the sky!

Seeing the danger, all the fat Pidgey on the island manage to take flight, using their bodies to cushion the balloon so the crash isn't as bad as it might have been. One of the rockets activates and carries Team Rocket away.

The kids take their leave as Orville tells the other Pidgey about its adventure. Perhaps the rest of the Pidgey will realise now that Pidgey are meant to fly.

That night, Jessie and James are seen hanging from a tree, while Meowth is perched on an upper branch talking with Orville.

By: Audrey