Episode #210 - Takin' It on the Chinchou

Our heroes are on a cable car to a place called Blue Lagoon, and Misty realises that they're going the wrong way. They disembark at the top of the mountain and wonder how they'll catch their ferry. A Chinchou appears, Misty gets excited and tries to catch it but her Pokeball doesn't work.

A boy calls out that the Chinchou is his and chases after it. Ash tries to help but the Chinchou shocks him. The boy apologises and introduces himself as Dayton, his Chinchou is named Bright. He says that they're just in time for the Parade of the Chinchou. Team Rocket is close by, planning to capture the Chinchou.

Ash calls Professor Oak, who explains that at one time Blue Lagoon was underwater, but seismic forces created the mountain where it is today. The Chinchou still use the lagoon as their breeding ground, and the young ones travel down the mountain to the ocean. Dayton says that he and his father are in charge of the Parade this year, and will supervise the Chinchou so they reach the ocean safely.

At sunset, Dayton's father blows a whistle to summon the Chinchou from the lagoon. Dayton and Bright lead the Chinchou in a line through the town, and people throw water on the Chinchou as they pass. The parade proceeds through a forest and across a rope bridge that spans a canyon. On the other side Team Rocket is waiting to spring a trap! Ash warns everyone, and most of the Chinchou run back to the other side. Meowth activates a rocket-powered net, but all it catches is the bridge, which gets destroyed. Bright and Pikachu send Team Rocket blasting off.

The group has been separated. Ash, Dayton, and about ten Chinchou are on one side of the canyon, and everyone else is on the other side. Dayton's father says that they'll go another way and meet up further down the mountain.

Night falls as Ash and Dayton continue, and the Chinchou become tired. Dayton has forgotten that the Chinchou need to stay moist, but Ash remedies the situation by having Totodile sprinkle them with water. Later, as they navigate a steep path, Dayton slips and falls over the edge into the ravine below. It starts to rain, but with the help of the Chinchou lighting the way with their tentacles, Ash finds him. Soon the rain stops but it remains foggy as they finally find the way to the beach, where the others are waiting.

All the Chinchou celebrate the success of their journey, then fall into a pit trap! Team Rocket lifts off in their balloon, with the Chinchou captured in a cage. Weezing's Smokescreen prevents Pikachu from getting an accurate shot at them, but Dayton calls to the Chinchou to light up, enabling Ash to see them. Unfortunately the cage is breakproof; neither Totodile nor Bayleef's attacks affect it. A combined Thunderwave attack from the Chinchou does though, and the cage shatters, letting the Chinchou fall into the water. Then Pikachu and Bright send Team Rocket blasting off.

The sun rises as Dayton bids farewell to Bright at the water's edge. He promises that he'll be here whenever it gets back.

Team Rocket are in the water offshore. When they see the group of Chinchou approaching they think that they're saved, but the Chinchou shock them instead.

The ferry to Yellow Rock Isle departs, with Ash and friends on board. As they wave goodbye to Dayton, Misty sees a Corsola perched on the pier and has to be restrained from jumping ship.

By: Audrey