Episode #211 - The Corsola Caper

The ferry docks at Yellow Rock Isle, and our heroes disembark. They pass a shop that sells sculptures made from shed Corsola horns, which causes Misty to renew her pledge to catch a Corsola. The shopkeeper comments on Ash's Pikachu because it's yellow, like the rocks around here. Misty brings out her yellow Psyduck, which promptly wanders off, forcing them to chase it.

Out on the beach, they see a house floating on a raft in the water. However it soon becomes obvious that the house is being swept out to sea, and a young girl and a Corsola are trapped on it! The kids use a motorboat to approach, and Ash has Bulbasaur and Bayleef grab the house with their Vine Whip. The house is towed to shore in the nick of time.

A man with a teenage girl greet them on the beach. The girl is Andrea, and she thanks the trio for rescuing her little sister Mika. Brock flirts with Andrea, and Misty pinches his ear as usual. Andrea explains that the house was built on a Corsola nest, which made it easier for their father to collect the horns and create his artwork. Not long ago a wild Corsola appeared, which had much more energy than the others, and would tackle them all the time. Then one day the rest of the Corsola just disappeared and the nest broke apart, causing the house to fall into the water.

The little Corsola demonstrates its energy by tackling Psyduck. Misty speculates that it's a wild one and wants to catch it, but Brock pinches her ear to stop her. Ash volunteers to help find the missing Corsola.

Team Rocket breaks into a warehouse full of the Corsola horn art, and steals several bags. They're discovered by the shopkeeper who chases them out onto the beach, where they run into the kids and Andrea's family. The wild Corsola tackles Jessie; Team Rocket sends out their Pokemon and prepare to battle but Totodile and Staryu send them blasting off.

The missing Corsola are found one by one, but they seem to be afraid of the little wild one. Ash thinks that it tackles the others because it's just so happy to see its friends.

Team Rocket watches from a tree. James wants to steal all the Corsola instead of just the artwork, but Jessie has a better idea.

Finally all the Corsola are rounded up. Misty is about to catch the wild one when a bunch of cables flies down from overhead. All the Corsola are snagged, with the exception of the wild one, because Misty kicks the cable away. Team Rocket reels in the Corsola and escapes in their balloon, but Noctowl shakes off Weezing's Smokescreen and slashes a hole in the balloon, bringing it down. Misty's Staryu frees the Corsola, and leads them into a battle against Arbok and Victreebell. All the Corsola team up and send Team Rocket blasting off again.

Later on the beach, Misty uses Polywhirl to battle with the wild Corsola. After a hard fight the Corsola is captured, and Misty celebrates. The kids continue their journey with a new friend.

By: Audrey