Episode #213 - Octillery The Outcast!

Our heroes have finally arrived at Scarlet City on Red Rock Isle. Ash and Misty are both hoping to win in the Whirl Cup competition, and head for the registration building. Team Rocket watches them, and plans to steal all the water Pokemon around.

After waiting in a long line, Misty has to stop Brock's flirtation with Nurse Joy in order to get herself and Ash registered. Joy gives them a map of the stadium layout, and explains that only 64 trainers will make it to the finals. Due to the number of competitors, they will have to pass two qualifying rounds to get in.

Outside, they meet a boy who pleads with them to battle him and his Remoraid, because he wants it to evolve into an Octillery. Misty obliges, wanting to train her Corsola. She loses despite her efforts, and the boy's Remoraid evolves, much to his delight. He gives his name as Marcellus and vows to meet them in the finals.

The next day goes well. In the first round, Ash and Totodile defeat a Seel, while Misty and Poliwhirl beat a Magikarp. Totodile is victorious against a Shellder in the second round, and Misty's Corsola beats a Seaking. As they celebrate, they see Marcellus walk by looking sad; he lost his match. Marcellus invites them all to his house for a congratulatory dinner.

The house is huge, and contains an aquarium filled with the Remoraid he has collected. Marcellus explains that the Remoraid that evolved used to be the leader of the school, but now they won't go near it. Brock thinks that because the Remoraid didn't see the evolution, they don't realize that it's their friend. The Octillery was so upset that it couldn't concentrate during the match, which was why they lost. Misty gets an idea to dress Ash up in an Octillery costume to try to make friends with it, but it doesn't work. They decide to have dinner and think about something else.

Later, Team Rocket breaks into the house and starts to catch the Remoraid with a vacuum device. The noise interrupts the kids' dinner and they enter the aquarium room to discover Team Rocket making off with the Pokemon. However the Octillery grabs onto the truck as it drives away, and leaves a trail for them to follow.

As Team Rocket drive to the harbour and prepare to load the tank of Remoraid onto a ship, the Octillery attacks them. Then it breaks the tank, releasing all the Remoraid into the water. The kids show up, but Meowth captures the Octillery with a crane, pointing out that Pikachu can't zap him without hurting the Octillery. He doesn't count on the Remoraid though, which hit the crane with their Water Guns and the Octillery is freed. It seems that the Remoraid have realised that it is their friend after all.

The Octillery and Pikachu send Team Rocket blasting off again. Marcellus is happy that his Octillery is no longer lonely. Suddenly all the Remoraid evolve, and Marcellus says that their friendship was important enough for them to want to evolve together.

In the morning, they all go to the main stadium, a large Roman-like coliseum with a lake in the centre. Ash and Misty are ready for the big event.

By: Audrey