Episode #214 - Dueling Heroes

Having finally reached the Whirl Cup Stadium, Ash and Misty stand with the rest of the competitors as Brock cheers them on from his seat. Maia the Sea Priestess gives an opening speech, mentioning that her sceptre "The Sea Spirit" can convey the ability to communicate with water Pokemon.

Team Rocket is in disguise as snack food vendors. They plan to steal the sceptre, but get distracted by people asking for food.

The games are officially opened, and an announcer says that the grand prize includes a Mystic Water Pendant. According to Brock's guidebook, the pendant can dramatically increase the power of a water Pokemon's attack. Ash and Misty argue over who will win it, when Brock reminds Ash that he only has one water Pokemon. Ash calls Professor Oak to exchange Bayleef for his Kingler. Unfortunately, when Prof. Oak releases Bayleef and says hello, she becomes afraid of him.

Soon enough it's Ash's turn, this is a one-on-one match. Ash chooses Totodile, but his opponent has a Kingdra. Brock notes that while Kingdra is powerful, Totodile can function on land as well as in the water. The Kingdra begins with a series of strong attacks, putting Totodile at a disadvantage. However Totodile finally gains the upper hand by biting the Kingdra's mouth closed, causing its own attack to backfire. Ash wins!

Team Rocket is taking a break. James and Meowth want to steal the sceptre and sell it for some real money, but Jessie only wants it for herself. Then their supervisor comes and reminds them that after work they can have all they can eat, and the thought of free food distracts them from their plans again.

Misty is too excited about her upcoming match to sleep that night. In the morning she's ready to battle her opponent's Quilfish with her Corsola.

During the match, Team Rocket attempts to sneak up on Maia and steal her sceptre, but they are noticed. They cover for themselves by saying they wanted to offer some snacks, but an Officer Jenny tells them that this area is restricted to Whirl Cup officials only. They withdraw. Corsola takes a beating from the Quilfish, but it uses Recover to get its strength back. With a stroke of luck the Corsola traps the Quilfish in its horns, and one final attack is enough to end the match. Misty is the winner.

Later, they all meet in the stadium lobby. Ash and Misty wish each other luck in the second round. Brock says that the second round matchups are chosen by randomly shuffling the winners from the first round. When they go to look at the billboard, they discover that Ash and Misty have been matched with each other!

By: Audrey