Episode #215 - The Perfect Match

It's Ash vs. Misty in the second round of the Whirl Cup tournament. Up on the official's balcony, Officer Jenny has increased the number of guards because of a threat to steal Priestess Maia's Sea Spirit sceptre, but Maia is unconcerned. Nearby, Team Rocket watches, and Jessie plans an aerial attack.

This match is a two-on-two battle. Misty chooses Poliwhirl and Ash brings out Totodile. Poliwhirl has the advantage of size and power, and knocks out Totodile easily. Ash comes back with Kingler, which takes care of Poliwhirl. Then Misty starts to bring out Corsola but Psyduck comes out on its own, to Misty's annoyance. Kingler attacks, but Psyduck gets a headache and uses Confusion, which knocks Kingler out in one blow. Misty wins!

Afterwards, Ash calls Professor Oak, whose lab is in a shambles from the upset Bayleef's charging around. Quickly Ash transfers Kingler back for Bayleef, and she's very happy to see him. A woman comes in and introduces herself as Trinity, she'll be Misty's opponent in the next round. She informs Misty that she's impressed by her battle skills and wishes her luck in the match tomorrow.

The next day, Misty is ready for action. She chooses Poliwhirl as her first Pokemon, but Trinity has a Gyarados! Unfortunately Poliwhirl is no match for it.

Team Rocket is still watching the guards around Maia, unable to get their plan together.

Misty brings out Corsola, and Brock notes that it'll be difficult for it to use its Mirror Coat move against Gyarados' Hyper Beam. However, Corsola is able to defeat Gyarados with its Spike Cannon. Then Trinity brings out a Chinchou which is capable of nasty electric attacks. Corsola hangs on but eventually is taken out by Chinchou's Confuse Ray.

The tired Team Rocket puts off their attack until the next day. Trinity congratulates Misty on a good match, and the kids wish her luck in the third round. Her match begins first thing the following morning.

The next round begins. Trinity is about to pit her Golduck against a Feraligatr when Togepi and Pikachu notice Team Rocket's balloon above the stadium. Jessie catches the Sea Spirit with a fishing line, but Pikachu's electric attack breaks the line and saves the sceptre. Angry, Jessie tries again, but the combined Water Guns from Golduck, Feraligatr, Poliwhirl, and Totodile send Team Rocket blasting off. The match continues. (The rest isn't seen).

Skipping ahead three days, Trinity and the kids attend the closing ceremony. The first-place Mystic Water Pendant prize is awarded to a teenaged boy. Later the kids and Trinity talk, they're all glad to have participated in the competition, and they learned a lot. Misty is happy, and resolves to continue training with her water Pokemon.

By: Audrey