Episode #217 - Hi Ho Silver...Away!

Our heroes arrive on Silver Rock Isle, and are doing some sightseeing when they encounter a pushy salesman. A young woman tells him off for trying to sell fake jewelry and breaks one of the pins. Despite Brock's flirtations, the woman explains that the real jewelry that's sold in town is made from Silver Rock Stone, one of the hardest substances known.

She introduces herself as Arienne and shows them to her gift shop. The Silver Wing pins that she sells are luck charms. Ash wants to know more about the Silver Wing, so Arienne takes them to her friend Jinero's house. When they go in, they find him and his Sandslash lying on the floor, very ill.

As Brock cares for the Sandslash, Arienne puts Jinero to bed. They quarrel over Jinero working too hard and not taking care of himself, sounding like they've known each other a long time. Team Rocket is in town. After finding out that the Silver Rock Stone jewelry is highly sought after and valuable, they decide to steal some and sell it for a profit.

Jinero and Arienne continue to argue, when Ash interrupts them and asks about the Silver Wing. Jinero invites the kids to stay the night, and tells them a story that has been passed down through his family. Long ago a sailing ship was caught in a tremendous storm and nearly sank. Just when the crew was giving up hope, a giant waterspout appeared out of a bright light in the sea. The storm simply vanished, and a Silver Wing fell from the sky. Since then, the Silver Wing has been believed to bring good luck. Legend has it that the ship landed on Oagey Isle, not far from here through some caves. Excited, the kids plan to go there in the morning.

Later that night, Pikachu wakes the kids up. Jinero is outside working on a Silver Wing pin with his Sandslash. It's a present for Arienne, since it's her birthday tomorrow. Jinero wants to ask her to marry him, but he's too nervous to say so. The kids give him some encouragement.

The next morning, Jinero dresses up in a tuxedo and goes to meet Arienne. Suddenly a wind springs up. Arienne comes out of her shop, saying that all the shops have been robbed! Team Rocket is in their balloon, sucking up all the jewelry with a vacuum device. Jinero trips and the box containing his present gets swept away also.

As Team Rocket flies away, the kids chase them, followed by Jinero who ignores Arienne's protests that he should still be in bed. Ash has Noctowl bring the balloon down and sends Pikachu to attack. For a while, Arbok and Weezing have the advantage, until Jinero's Sandslash joins the fray. Soon Pikachu is able to send Team Rocket blasting off.

Jinero frantically searches the pile of jewelry for his box. When he finds it, he presents it to Arienne, who opens it. Finally overcoming his nervousness, he pops the question, and Arienne says yes. Brock is sad, lamenting that he can't seem to understand women.

Later, Jinero and Arienne give the kids directions to the cave that they can follow to Oagey Isle. The three friends depart, and emerge from the cave on a pleasant breezy hill. They see a Pikachu in the grass, and when it turns around they all recognise it as Sparky.

By: Audrey