Episode #218 - The Mystery is History!

Our three friends have arrived on Oagey Isle, to find another Pikachu of their acquaintance, Sparky. Its trainer Ritchie isn't far behind, and they all sit and chat. Ritchie is here looking for a mysterious Pokemon, having done much research about it. Ash tells him that's why he's here too, and they agree to continue the search on another little island offshore.

They borrow a rowboat and head to the island, where they find a boy swimming with his Lanturn. The boy introduces himself as Oliver, he lives on the other side of the island. When the kids start asking him questions about the mysterious Pokemon, he gets nervous and leaves. Disappointed, Ash and company head back to their boat. As they go, Oliver calls out to "Silver" and a small Pokemon emerges from hiding: a baby Lugia! Unknown to them, they are being spied on by two Team Rocket members (not J&J). They report to a "Professor" in an underwater base who orders them to capture the Lugia unharmed. The agents attempt to do so, but Lanturn stops them, and Oliver escapes with Silver. However, they are pursued by a large black submarine.

Ritchie, Ash, and the others see what's happening. Jessie and James also see the events from the periscope of their Magikarp sub, and recognise Silver as a Lugia like the one they saw in the Orange Islands. The black sub opens to reveal Butch and Cassidy. They launch a net to catch Silver, but Ash's Bayleef slices the net with its Razor Leaf. Angry, they release a Houndour and a Hitmontop, but Ritchie has a Pupitar which helps Bayleef deal with them. The sub moves toward Silver, but Luca arrives in her boat and rams it. Butch and Cassidy retreat, vowing to return. Jessie and James decide to follow them.

Ash thanks Luca for her help, and she tells them she came hoping to learn more about her Silver Wing, which she now keeps in a locket around her neck. Oliver apologises for lying earlier. Silver is young and can't fly yet, so he was just trying to protect it. He explains that a week earlier he was out swimming with his Lanturn and got caught in a storm. He almost drowned but Silver saved him. He even saw Silver's parent, for the adult Lugia is never far from its baby.

As if on cue, an adult Lugia bursts from the water, looking angry! Luca's pendant glows red. The kids convince it that they're friendly and they won't hurt the baby, and it calms down. Luca's pendant stops glowing. Lugia and the baby dive, and the kids follow it underwater to watch them play, thanks to borrowed scuba gear from Luca.

Jessie and James sneak on board the underwater base wearing the black Team Rocket uniforms. Jessie is determined to find out Butch and Cassidy's plans and use them to their advantage. They find B&C talking to the Professor, who explains that he needs Lugia for his Pokemon Power Magnifying Project, which focuses a Pokemon's power into a destructive energy beam. He orders B&C to try to catch Lugia again, and bring him lunch. Cassidy sees J&J by the door, and not recognising them, tells them to get some food. James restrains the angry Jessie until they are out in the hall, where Jessie loses her temper. She feels humiliated and is determined to steal the Lugia herself.

Back on the surface, Luca says she needs to replenish the supplies on her boat. The kids wait for her on the shore and have lunch with their Pokemon. Another small Lugia appears and Silver goes to swim with it. Ritchie notices that it's a fake, but it's too late as Silver is captured in a metal cage!

Butch and Cassidy return in their sub, as do Jessie and James, who claim they'll take the baby Lugia themselves. As the kids row out on their boat a battle ensues. Jessie's Arbok is quickly defeated by Cassidy's Houndour. Bayleef deals with Hitmontop, but Houndour's Fog attack allows Butch and Cassidy to escape with Silver. As they leave, their sub rams Jessie and James's sub, which sinks. The wake capsizes the kids' boat, throwing them all into the water. Silver is gone.

By: Audrey