Episode #219 - A Parent Trapped

Silver the young Lugia sits crying in its cage as the evil Professor Namba gloats. Butch and Cassidy will carry out his plan to use the baby to lure the adult Lugia to them.

Outside, it's night. Ash and friends are upset about losing Silver to Team Rocket. Luca returns from her supply run and hears the bad news. Then the adult Lugia appears, and when the kids explain what happened, it goes into a rage and whips up a ferocious storm. Everyone is forced to seek cover in a cave.

Jessie, James, and Meowth are in their Magikarp sub. Jessie is still angry with Cassidy and rants about catching the baby Lugia. The storm waves wash the sub onto shore, and they climb out to see the upset parent. Lugia begins to blast everything in sight, including the unfortunate trio who fly off into the distance.

Inside the base, the Team Rocket minions measure Lugia's energy output: its power increases as its rage continues. Professor Namba thinks that Lugia's power might be limitless.

The kids wait in the cave, and Oliver is heartbroken. Ash and Ritchie become determined to help the Lugia, and Luca offers to take them out in her boat. She manages to keep them afloat although they are buffeted by waves and Lugia's attacks. Ritchie and Ash give their word that they will save Silver, and Lugia finally calms down. The storm breaks up as it flies away.

First thing in the morning, everyone's Pokemon are out in force, searching for Team Rocket. Ritchie gets the idea that since they haven't heard any sound from Silver, perhaps it's being kept underwater. The water Pokemon are dispatched, and Oliver's Lanturn soon finds something. Out comes the diving gear.

Jessie and James are back in their repaired sub, unaware that the kids follow them and see the base. As they sneak on board again, the Professor launches the next phase. Various compartments of the base are sealed and flooded with water, including the one that Jessie, James, and Meowth are hiding in. The base slowly rises to the surface and the cage containing Silver is placed on the shore. Four rods extend from the corners.

Ritchie realises that this is a trap for Lugia, and something has to be done. Luca picks them up in her boat and lets all of them except Oliver out on shore. Ash and Ritchie try to warn off the approaching Lugia but are stopped by Butch and Cassidy, whose Pokemon are now equipped with a device that enrages them and increases their power!

Pikachu and Sparky attempt to zap Lugia as a warning, but they are stopped by the enhanced Houndour. Another attempt is made by Ash's Cyndaquil and "Zippo", Richie's evolved Charmelion, but they are both dealt with by the enraged Hitmontop. Even Misty's Poliwhirl can't beat the Houndour.

James and Meowth are trying to inflate a Lugia-shaped balloon as Jessie plans to somehow switch it for the real Lugia in the confusion. (How they escaped from the flooded compartment is a mystery.)

Pikachu and Sparky try one last time to warn off Lugia, but the upset Lugia blasts them. The kids are all blown back and knocked out. Lugia lands on Silver's cage, and is captured in a force field.

Finally Jessie's Lugia balloon is ready, but when the hapless trio try to move it, Meowth accidentally pokes a hole in it with a claw. They all fly upwards out of control as the balloon deflates.

The captured Lugia and Silver are brought aboard the base as Luca and Oliver watch in horror. Butch and Cassity gloat over the unconscious kids. Some time later, Ash wakes up in a cage along with his friends.

By: Audrey