Episode #220 - A Promise is a Promise

Oliver is upset after seeing Ash and friends captured by Team Rocket, and decides to search for them. Meanwhile, inside the underwater base, the caged Silver is taken away by Butch and Cassidy. Professor Namba gloats over the angry adult Lugia who is held captive in a force field.

Our heroes are in a cage, with their PokeBalls taken away. Ash and Ritchie agree that they have to keep their promise to Lugia that they'll save Silver, or Lugia might not trust humans ever again. Namba arrives and tells them his plan to use Lugia's power. The kids try to explain that people and Pokemon are meant to live in peace, but Namba retorts that nature is meant to serve mankind. As an example, he'll put his rage provoking devices on Pikachu and Sparky. Oliver finds an underwater hatch and gets into the base. Jessie and James have also gotten aboard again somehow, and are wearing black uniforms so they'll blend in. They find a control room and notice on a screen that the kids have been captured. James and Meowth hack into the computer; they'll find the code to set the kids free, and steal the Lugia in the confusion.

No sooner does Oliver make it inside, he's caught by a Rocket. Jessie and James happen along and recognize him, so they take him off the Rocket's hands. When the gang member leaves, they tell Oliver what he needs to do and let him go, saying that they're "superheroes". As Professor Namba is about to attach his rage device to the two shackled Pikachu, Oliver bursts into the room and opens the cage. At once Ash tackles the professor, stunning him. As the others retrieve their PokeBalls, Ash smashes the computer console, which frees Pikachu and Sparky. The Professor recovers and hits an alarm button, and the kids run.

Unfortunately they are soon found by a team of Rocket members led by Butch and Cassidy. They release their enhanced Houndour and Hitmontop, but the two Pikachu destroy the rage devices, turning them back to normal. They are defeated easily. Another alarm sounds, someone is tampering with the control centre. Butch and Cassidy run off to investigate, leaving their team to deal with the kids. They quickly fall to attacks from Totodile and Pupitar. Butch and Cassidy find Jessie and James in the control room, and a Pokemon battle ensues.

The kids hear Silver crying and go to find it, but Professor Namba is guarding its cage with an enhanced Electabuzz. The two Pikachu attempt to attack it, but are no match for its enraged power. The battle in the control room continues, and one of the supports for the force field holding Lugia is damaged. The angry Lugia breaks free and attacks them, creating a large hole in the side of the base and sending the four Rocket members blasting off along with their Pokemon. An alert goes out to abandon ship.

Ash and Richie can't beat the Electabuzz directly, so they aim their attacks to destroy Professor Namba's control box. With that gone, the Electabuzz returns to normal and is defeated. The boys tell Namba that a Pokemon's true power comes from trust. They use their Pokemon to break Silver's cage, then wheel Silver down the corridor on a trolley. The adult Lugia is still rampaging through the base when the kids find it. They apologise for what happened and plead with Lugia to not give up on humans. At that moment, the ceiling falls, but Lugia saves them all with a barrier. Quickly they find a way out and dive into the water as the base explodes.

Later, they're all gathered on Luca's boat to say farewell to Lugia and Silver. They have to leave because it's no longer safe in this area. Oliver is sad, but Misty comforts him by saying that one day Silver will grow big and strong, and might come back. Ritchie stays behind on Oagey Isle with Oliver because he wants to explore the Whirl Islands some more. Luca gives Ash, Misty, and Brock a lift to Transit Town so they can catch the ferry to Olivine City.

By: Audrey