Episode #221 - Throwing In the Noctowl

Ash and his friends arrive in Transit Town and call Jenina to ask if the Gym leader Jasmine is ready to battle. Janina tells them that Spark (Janina's Ampharos) is feeling much better, and they'll have the Gym ready the following morning.

The kids then go to catch the ferry to Olivine City, only to discover that it has already left and there won't be another until tomorrow. An old fisherman on the dock tells them that there's a courier service down the road that has two flights a day to Olivine City. The kids discuss it but when they turn around to thank the man, he's gone.

They go down the street and find the place but it looks run-down and deserted. Someone comes out wearing a flight uniform, it's the fisherman! He introduces himself as "Wings" Alexander, and explains that in his younger days he was a Pokemon trainer too. His best Pokemon was a HootHoot. He agrees to fly the kids to Olivine City in return for some help with his Pokemon. He takes them to a barn that's inhabited by many Pokemon, and the kids get to work. Wings is impressed by their willingness to help and decides to fly them over for free.

When the work is done, Wings wheels a plane out of a hangar. An old Noctowl is sitting in the co-pilot's seat, this is his HootHoot that evolved, but now he's old and spends much of his time asleep. The plane takes off with everyone aboard, and all goes well until a storm brews. Team Rocket is in their balloon, also caught in the storm. When they see the plane they call for help. The kids don't trust them but Wings says that it's his duty as a pilot to help anyone in distress.

Also adrift in the storm is Jigglypuff, and it spots the plane. Team Rocket is helped aboard the plane, and they beg for the kids' forgiveness. When a hole develops in the floor of the plane and Togepi falls out, Team Rocket helps rescue it, and Ash gives them the benefit of the doubt. The hole is covered over with planks, but that's only the first problem. The flight becomes more turbulent, and the plane's engines start to come loose from their mounts. Wings says that he has flown many rescue missions but perhaps it's time for him and his plane to retire.

In a bold move, Ash climbs out onto the plane's wings and tells Bulbasaur and Bayleef to use their Vine Whip to hold the engines in place. However, Jigglypuff somehow lands on the plane, and despite everyone's yelling, it sings and puts them all to sleep! Fortunately it's blown away by the wind, and Ash wakes up just in time to get his Pokemon to hold onto the engines again.

Wings reminisces about his younger days and admits that he has slowed down. Suddenly his Noctowl wakes up, flies outside with a rope, and wraps it around the plane. Ash releases his own Noctowl, and the two flying Pokemon help the plane keep steady. Pikachu pitches in by using electric discharges to keep the lightning away from the plane.

Wings thinks they that should be getting close to Olivine City by now, but the kids can't see anything through the clouds. Then Wings spots the Shining Lighthouse, realises they've been blown off course and has to bank hard to avoid some cliffs. Team Rocket begins to argue about whether to stay nice for the rest of the day, but the planks give way and they fall through the hole.

The storm clears. Jenina, Jasmine, and her Ampharos wave from the lighthouse. Our heroes have safely reached Olivine City.

By: Audrey