Episode #222 - Nerves of Steelix

Janina meets Brock and Misty outside the Olivine City Pokemon Centre, wondering where Ash is. He's out on the beach running with his Pokemon, unaware that he's being watched by Team Rocket.

As the kids head for the Gym, they see a huge Wobbuffet statue. In front of it is a pedestal with the inscription "He who puts his Pokemon here will win his battles without fear." Assuming that it's some sort of good luck statue, Ash puts Pikachu on the pedestal. The statue starts to move, and the top of the pedestal springs up, catapulting Pikachu into the statue's mouth!

Team Rocket appears and goes through their spiel, then the statue rolls away. Bayleef's attacks have no effect on its hard exterior, nor does a combined attack by both Brock's and Janina's Onix. However a Steelix lands in front of the Wobbuffet robot, and the kids see Jasmine nearby. The Steelix attacks and creates a hole in the robot's side, which allows Bayleef to rescue Pikachu with her Vine Whip. Then the Steelix uses Iron Tail to send Team Rocket blasting off.

Brock flirts with Jasmine, and gets his ear pinched by Misty. Jasmine warns Ash that she won't hold back during their Gym battle, but neither will he.

At the Gym, Janina announces the match, which will be two on two. Brock notes that most likely Jasmine will use her Steelix, so a fire type would be most effective against it. Jasmine chooses a Magnemite first, and Ash sends in Pikachu. The two Pokemon trade blasts but neither can hit the other because they're both fast. Ash has Pikachu take a hit on purpose to drain the Magnemite's energy, then tackles it to win the match.

The next Pokemon is Steelix, as expected. Pikachu is tired, can it last? Electric attacks don't work on the Steelix, and its hide is so tough that physical attacks don't hurt it much either. After two Iron Tail attacks, Pikachu is out of the match. Ash releases Cyndaquil, but the Steelix is still full of surprises. It digs itself underground and comes up right in front of Cyndaquil, and the fire Pokemon barely manages to dodge.

Jasmine continues with the underground tactics, but then Ash sends Cyndaquil down one of the holes to catch Steelix with a Flamethrower. The Steelix begins to tear up the floor, forcing Cyndaquil to come out of hiding. Ash's Pokemon takes a bad hit, but somehow keeps going! Steelix launches itself into a Sandstorm attack, but Cyndaquil pours on the fire until the Steelix becomes so hot that it can't continue. Ash has won, and is presented with the Mineral Badge.

Later, our heroes prepare to depart. The next Gym is in Mahogany Town, and the quickest way there is to go back through Ecruteak City. And so the journey continues.

By: Audrey