Episode #224 - Espeon Not Included!

Our heroes have returned to Ecruteak City while en route to Mahogany Town. Misty says she had a message from Sakura, who will be meeting them. Brock recalls the four lovely sisters with their evolutions of Eevee. Just then an Espeon runs to greet them, followed by Sakura herself: her Eevee evolved into an Espeon so now her family has all the evolutions.

They go to Sakura's house as her four sisters are leaving to attend a special dance class. Brock gets crushes on all of them, like the last time. The kids are invited to stay and rest, and Sakura asks Misty if she'll have a Pokemon battle with her Espeon. Misty agrees, and releases her Corsola.

The four sisters go to the dance class, where the two instructors say they're from the Pokemon Dance Academy. They bring out an Arbok and Victreebell and begin to dance, although there are a few tense moments when the Victreebell tries to chomp its partner.

Espeon and Corsola are battling hard. Espeon gets the upper hand at one point, but Misty has Corsola use Recover to get back in the game. At the dance class, the instructors ask the sisters to show their moves. The sisters release their Pokemon and dance, but the Pokemon don't seem interested. After suggesting that some private tutoring might be helpful, the instructors lead the Pokemon into another room. The floor drops out and the Pokemon fall into a cage! The sisters hear that something is wrong, but when they run into the next room they realise their Pokemon are gone. A Meowth balloon inflates and rises into the air, and Team Rocket escapes.

Corsola wins the battle against Espeon. Misty tells Sakura all about the Whirl Islands, and Sakura wishes she could travel but she can't because of her sisters. Then the four sisters arrive and say that their Pokemon have been captured. Brock sends Crobat out and they all split up to search.

Team Rocket lands in the woods and is celebrating their victory when Jessie notices that they don't have the Espeon. James and Meowth are all for cutting and running, but Jessie insists that they must have the full set of evolutions.

The kids meet up, they haven't found anything yet. Sakura notes that since Team Rocket doesn't have her Espeon, they might come back for it. She and Misty plan a trap. Brock flirts with one of the sisters, and this time Ash is the one who drags him away by the ear.

Team Rocket searches from their balloon, and see the Espeon sleeping under a tree. They catch it with a net, not knowing that Crobat follows them as they make their getaway. When they get back to the woods they try to put Espeon in a cage, but it just wastes time until the kids arrive. Then it's Arbok and Victreebell versus Espeon and Corsola, with Espeon providing most of the heavy hitting. Pikachu delivers the final blow to send Team Rocket blasting off.

With their Pokemon freed, the four sisters tell Sakura that she's gotten a lot stronger, and she can go and see the world now. Although happy, Sakura declines to go with Misty and the others. She wants to travel on her own for a while first to prove that she can take care of herself.

Ash and friends depart for Mahogany Town, and Sakura heads for Violet City. She and Misty promise that when they meet again they'll trade stories of their adventures.

By: Audrey