Episode #226 - Extreme Pokemon

Ash hears about a competition called "Extreme Pokemon". It's a race where trainers ride skateboards and are pulled by their Pokemon. Ash knows that Gary and Arcanine will enter. Naturally, Ash wants to beat Gary so he enters. He decides to use Bayleef as his pulling Pokemon. Ash and co. have also met an old man and his wife who have many Pokemon eggs that they raise. Team Rocket plans to steal the Pokemon that wins the contest. The old man says halfway through the course, Ash will have to safely deliver a fake egg to the finish line. At the race, Gary is the fastest, with Ash right behind him. So Team Rocket captured Arcanine. Ash blows a hole in the balloon, and Team Rocket goes down. Team Rocket are beaten thanks to Arcanine, after they tried to steal some Pokemon eggs. In the end, Ash wins the race. As a reward for saving the eggs, the old couple give Ash a strange blue Pokemon egg of his own. What it'll hatch to will be revealed in the next episode.

By: Torchic