Episode #228 - Hatching a Plan

As our heroes are resting one evening, Ash's egg begins to glow. Brock thinks that it's about to hatch. Team Rocket watches from the bushes and plans to steal it.

The egg finally hatches early the next morning: it's a Phanpy! Ash tries to put it in a Pokeball but it won't go, it wants to play. Brock suggests to use some Pokemon food to lure it in, but before Ash can catch it, Team Rocket appears and uses an extendable arm to capture Phanpy. Pikachu blasts them, but unfortunately the metal arm transfers some of the shock to Phanpy and it gets hurt.

Ash and Pikachu apologise, but the upset Phanpy runs away. Brock says a newborn Pokemon is very trusting, and Phanpy's trust was broken when it got hurt. Pikachu gets depressed as the kids all split up to look for it.

Deep in the woods, Phanpy eventually stops running. It follows the scent of food to a clearing where Team Rocket is cooking toast. As they discuss future plans, their toast disappears. They quickly find out that the culprit is Phanpy. James reads in a book that Phanpy is a ground type and strong against electric attacks. When Phanpy starts to play with Meowth's tail with its snout, Jessie comes up with a plan to use Phanpy to help them get Pikachu.

The kids meet up, none of them have seen Phanpy yet. Team Rocket confronts them and claim that Phanpy has joined them. Meowth walks forward and Phanpy follows him. What the kids can't see is that Meowth has painted his rear end to look like a Phanpy. The Phanpy tackles Meowth from behind, but Meowth jumps out of the way and Phanpy knocks Pikachu over instead, giving Team Rocket the chance to capture it with another extendable arm! Pikachu tries to shock them but they're wearing insulated suits, and they escape under cover of Weezing's Smokescreen.

Team Rocket celebrates their victory. James puts Phanpy in a cage along with Pikachu, and it gets upset. When their captor's backs are turned, Pikachu persuades Phanpy to escape. They rock the cage until it tumbles down a hill and breaks, setting them free. However it doesn't take long for Team Rocket to notice what happened and chase them in their balloon.

Pikachu and Phanpy reach a swift-flowing river. Pikachu gets Phanpy to overcome its fear of the water and jump across on some stones. They are halfway across when the kids arrive on the opposite bank and spot them. Unfortunately on the next jump, Phanpy falls in! Pikachu tries to grab it and gets dragged in also. Pikachu manages to cling to a rock just before the two of them are about to get swept over a waterfall.

Ash climbs a tree and tries to throw a rope to Pikachu, but the Pokemon can't reach it. Next he suspends himself from a branch and pulls Pikachu to safety, but Phanpy loses its grip on Pikachu's tail and is carried toward the falls! Ash dives into the water and grabs Phanpy just as they both go over the edge. As they fall, Ash throws his rope to Misty and Brock, who catch it and pull them up.

No sooner are they all safe, Team Rocket appears again and Meowth tries to lure Phanpy with his painted rear end. Phanpy doesn't fall for the trick this time, and Ash has it do a Rollout attack to deal with Arbok and Weezing. Pikachu shocks Team Rocket; they're unaffected because of their special suits, but the balloon has no such protection and explodes, sending them blasting off.

Ash is happy that Phanpy did so well in its first battle and wonders how strong it will be in its first Gym match. They all continue toward Mahogany Town.

By: Audrey