Episode #229 - Dues and Don'ts

As Ash and his friends continue their journey, they come across a football field. Team Rocket is there dressed as football players, with a time bomb shaped like a football. They all kick the "ball" around for a few minutes until it explodes on Team Rocket's side, sending them blasting off.

Team Rocket crash-lands in the forest and wonder why they keep losing. Eventually they realize that it's because the "twerps" have more and better Pokemon than they do. Jessie considers calling HQ and asking for more Pokemon, but James reminds her that they owe enough money as it is.

Then they come across a cage that contains a Pokemon. A speaker on the cage informs them that it's a Delibird, and challenges them to catch it. The speaker explodes and the cage opens. Jessie and James use all their Pokemon in the attempt to catch it, but when the Delibird is defeated they argue over who gets it. Then an old woman arrives and says the Delibird is hers. She's a talent scout for Team Rocket, and they have just passed her test.

Jessie tries to explain they're already members of Team Rocket, but the woman doesn't believe them and shows a picture of the real uniform, which is black. James shows his membership card and the woman checks her computer to discover that the three have been removed from the roster because they haven't paid their dues in several years. Jessie, James and Meowth are devastated, but the woman tells them they can join up again.

At HQ, the human resources clerk Wendy reports to Giovanni that Jessie and James are trying to re-register. Wendy hates Jessie for not paying her back for a fruit smoothie at training camp. Giovanni gives the okay but suggests that a close watch be kept on the three until they've repaid their debt.

The talent scout gives Jessie and James one more test: to defeat some trainers. She spots Ash and friends, but Jessie insists these kids are unbeatable, so she offers to let them use her Delibird. The trio confront the kids with the Delibird, which gives explosive globe-like "presents" to them. Angry, Ash sends Phanpy to attack, but it can't cope with Delibird's Blizzard ability. Next he gets Pikachu, but Delibird tosses more explosive globes around and Pikachu gets hurt. However in a surprising turn of events, one of the globes actually recharges Pikachu's energy, and it sends Team Rocket blasting off again.

They crash in the forest a second time, but they're happy to have a new Pokemon working with them. Unfortunately the talent scout recalls the Delibird and says that it will report to them every month to collect their dues. Surprised, Jessie asks about the sign-up bonus, but after a quick computer check, the scout says that after their outstanding fees had been deducted there was nothing left!

Later, Jessie and James discuss what to do. Since they have no money anyway they don't have to worry about the Delibird's monthly visits, so they'll just use it to help capture Pikachu.

By: Audrey