Episode #231 - A Tyrogue Full of Trouble

Still en route to Mahogany Town, Ash and company take a short cut through a cave. At the other side they see an unhappy Tyrogue. Brock offers it some food but it refuses. When he checks in his backpack for something else, the Tyrogue grabs all their Pokemon food and runs off. The kids chase it, but are stopped by a Mankey and Primeape, apparently the Tyrogue's friends. Ash releases Bayleef and she chases the three Pokemon up a cliff, but a rock falls down and threatens to crush the kids below!

A man with his Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan destroy the rock and check that the kids are safe. Ash tells him about their journey and shows his badges. The man is surprised and asks Ash if he battled the legendary Master Chuck at the Cianwood Gym. He indroduces himself as Kio, Master Chuck's protege, and invites the kids to dinner.

As they eat, Brock wonders why the Tyrogue stole their food. Kio says that he knows that the Tyrogue steals from people and causes trouble but doesn't know what to do about it. Just then, a boy runs up and says that the Tyrogue has been at it again. They go to see that a barn has been vandalized, and notice the Tyrogue and its cronies causing a stampede in a field of Tauros.

Togepi chases a Butterfree and wanders in the way of the stampede! The Tyrogue leaps off its Tauros and rescues it. Kio tries to stop the lead Tauros by grabbing it by the horns, but the Tyrogue tosses Togepi to Kio and escapes. Team Rocket has been watching the entire incident and decides to recruit the Tyrogue for their team.

The villagers are angry and wants the Tyrogue locked up, but they give Kio one more chance to get it to change its ways. Kio explains to the kids that the Tyrogue was abandoned by its previous trainer and is now embittered. It doesn't trust humans or any Pokemon that are larger than it is. Still it's his hope to get Tyrogue to fight with him in the upcoming P-1 Grand Prix Pokemon tournament.

Tyrogue and his friends knock some apples out of a tree and share them with some other Pokemon. Team Rocket approaches and offers a deal to join them. When Jessie swipes an apple from a Sandshrew, the Tyrogue gets angry and attacks them, sending them blasting off.

Ash and friends go with Kio to Tyrogue's favourite spot, and they call it. When it comes out, Kio challenges it to a battle. The feisty Tyrogue defeats both Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, and Kio is about to step in himself when a rope drops and grabs the Tyrogue! It's Team Rocket in their balloon. Ash and Kio give chase.

Kio leaps off a cliff onto the balloon and punches a hole in it. As it falls he frees Tyrogue and jumps to the ground just in time. However the balloon crashes into a cliff and dislodges a boulder! Kio manages to stop its fall and pleads with the Tyrogue to forgive and forget the past. The kids arrive and Brock's Onix shoves the boulder away. Team Rocket attacks, but Onix and Pikachu deal with them easily and they're sent blasting off by Onix this time.

Kio challenges Tyrogue to a battle and defeats it. He gives it a new red scarf to replace its old blue one, and they make a deal to win the P-1 tournament together. Its friends the Mankey and Primeape are invited along also, to their surprise and delight. Ash and friends go on their way, and Kio promises to say hello to Master Chuck for them.

By: Audrey