Episode #232 - Xatu the Future

As our friends' journey continues, Team Rocket watches them. They build a pitfall trap and cover it over. However, when the kids arrive at the spot, they don't fall in. Angry, Team Rocket comes out of hiding and jumps up and down, and they all end up falling into the hole when the cover gives way. When they land on the bottom, the floor collapses and they all fall into an underground tunnel. A girl runs by but she stops when she sees them, and tells them to follow her.

They are all led to a large chamber where three Xatu are roosted. The girl explains that the Xatu predict the future and help her people make decisions. As an afterthought she introduces herself as Callista and runs off with the Xatu.

The kids follow her outside to a stadium-like place where people are gathered. Callista instructs the Xatu to predict the day's weather forecast, and they respond by waving their wings in a semaphore-like code. She interprets this as the day will be clear, but no sooner does she tell the people when it begins to rain. Callista runs back down the tunnel with the Xatu and ends up in a large computer room, where she verifies the weather with the help of a radio antenna. She wonders if the Xatu could be mistaken due to their advanced age.

Jessie says that she was once a weather reporter at a TV station and to her it seems that the weather patterns don't show any major change over the past week. Suddenly the Xatu semaphore again, and Callista translates that over the next day the rain will become heavier and the valley will be flooded! She wonders what to do, and Brock tells her that she can't cause a panic over a prediction that might be wrong. Callista replies that everyone depends on the Xatu's predictions and she doesn't want the people to hate the Xatu if they are wrong. However Jessie insists that the only person one can rely on is oneself.

Callista is encouraged by this advice and decides that the Xatu are correct. She goes back outside and tells the people about the flood and that they have to leave. The people approach the stage and leave gifts of jewelry and other valuables as tokens of appreciation. Team Rocket eyes the loot just as the Delibird puts in an appearance and delivers a payment notice.

TR decide to steal the loot and use it to pay off their debt. They tell Delibird to distract everyone with its exploding "Presents", and try to escape under Weezing's Smokescreen. However the Xatu are unharmed because they were able to predict where the Presents were going to land. The three Xatus catch the next volley of Presents, which explode and pump up their energy. Taken by surprise, the Delibird releases one more Present at Team Rocket's feet, and they are sent blasting off when it explodes.

The Xatu semaphore again, and Callista says that they are revising their earlier prediction: the flood will happen today! If the people leave now, everyone will be all right. Then the Xatu give Callista a message saying that while predictions of the future can be useful, it's best to not be ruled by them. Life can't be run by a fortune teller. The Xatu teleport themselves and the kids away just before the water rises and floods the area.

Later, as Ash and friends prepare to leave, Callista decides that now she'll go the city and become a TV weather reporter. The kids friends bid her farewell and continue on their way. Meanwhile, Team Rocket attempts to dig through the sand left by the flood in order to find the treasure. The Delibird refuses to help them and flies away. Soon it becomes clear that they won't find anything now, and so they do like they often do: run and hide.

By: Audrey