Episode #234 - Rage of Innocence

Team Rocket leader Tyson radios HQ to arrange for a pair of helicopters to pick up the captured red Gyarados so it can be studied. Lance, still in disguise, radios Officer Jenny in Mahogany Town and tells her Team Rocket's plans. Then he turns his car around and races back to the lab.

Ash and friends are still captive. His yells are answered by Jessie and James, who gloat at them. Ash asks Pikachu to break the cage with an electric attack, but he can't because he's still sick from the Evolution Inducement Wave. Jessie opens the cage and prepares to take Pikachu, but she accidentally releases the clamps that are holding all the kids and the Pokemon. Immediately Ash gets Cyndaquil to use a Smokescreen and the kids escape.

Team Rocket chases them down, but they're stopped when Lance arrives, and he has Dragonite send them blasting off. The kids apologise to him for being so much trouble. Dragonite destroys the lab with one Hyper Beam, then they all head back to Mahogany Town.

Jessie and James radio Tyson to tell him what happened. They request backup but Tyson hangs up on them and boards one of the two helicopters that have the netted Gyarados hanging between them. However the Gyarados wakes up and struggles, causing the choppers to lose control and crash into the river. Freed, the enraged Pokemon begins to blast everything in sight.

Lance and the kids arrive. Ash tries to talk to the Gyarados but gets caught in an explosion and is hurt. Lance is about to send his Dragonite after the Gyarados but Tyson appears and challenges him. As the kids follow the rampaging Gyarados down river, Tyson releases two Fearows to attack Dragonite.

More Rocket agents have stunned the Gyarados with an electric net and are dragging it away by the time the three friends catch up. Ash has Bayleef cut the net, and Gyarados sends the Rocket squad blasting off before collapsing from its injuries. Ash talks to it and tries to persuade it to get back in the water, but Jessie and James appear and capture it with a net from their balloon! Refusing to give up, Ash clings onto the net as the balloon flies away.

As before, the Gyarados thrashes around violently until the balloon crashes, and Ash takes a hard fall. Team Rocket attacks with their Pokemon, but by now Pikachu is well enough to send them blasting off. Back at the battle scene, Lance defeats Tyson just as Officer Jenny and several police cars show up.

The Gyarados is back in the river now, heading for the edge of town. Ash pleads with it to stop and says he wants to be its friend, but it begins to power up its Hyper Beam. Out of nowhere, an Ice Beam blocks the attack and freezes the water in front of Gyarados so it can't go any farther. An older man with a Dewgong arrives on the scene, and he tells Ash that he's naive to think that humans and Pokemon can be friends.

Gyarados turns around and swims back the way it came. Ash and friends follow, until they see Lance and Dragonite battling with it. Ash asks Lance to call off his Dragonite, but Lance explains that battling is the only way that Gyarados can be stopped. Eventually he defeats the Gyarados and captures it, promising that he'll be its friend and take care of it.

The police round up the remainder of Team Rocket (except for Jessie, James, and Meowth) and they're taken away in a van. Officer Jenny thanks them all and leaves. Lance and Dragonite leave also, and our heroes return to Mahogany Town.

By: Audrey