Episode #236 - Nice Pryce Baby!

Ash prepares his battle strategy before heading for the Mahogany Gym. He plans to use Cyndaquil against Pryce's Ice type Pokemon, but his friends are a little doubtful. When the three friends arrive at the Gym, Pryce and Sheila welcome them inside.

Team Rocket watches them all go, then sneak into the Gym. They peek over a wall to see an area where many Ice type Pokemon are kept, and decide to steal them.

The Gym battling field is like a skating rink with scattered ice boulders and a pool of water in the center. Sheila reveals herself to be an official judge for the Johto League, and will oversee the match. This is a two-on-two battle, the challenger can use substitutions but the Gym Leader can't.

Pryce begins with Dewgong, and Ash with Cyndaquil. Although the match starts off shakily, Ash uses some very unorthodox moves, including sending Cyndaquil into the water to catch the Dewgong off guard. Eventually Dewgong is beaten, and Pryce admits that Ash and his Pokemon must have complete trust in each other in order to do things like this. Then he releases his Piloswine.

Elsewhere in the Gym, Team Rocket eyes the sleeping Ice Pokemon and come up with a plan: they'll give some to the boss, and keep some to use in an ice-cream making business to get rich. Unfortunately Meowth slips on some ice and his yells wake up all the Pokemon, who freeze Team Rocket with their Ice Beams.

The second round is Piloswine vs. Cyndaquil. Brock is concerned about how this will turn out, since neither Pokemon is good in the water. Piloswine uses a huge Blizzard attack to freeze the pool and knock out Cyndaquil, forcing Ash to call up Pikachu. The icy surface renders Pikachu's speed attacks useless as it slips and slides all over.

In a brillant move, Ash tells Pikachu to slide across the ice and use the boulders to bounce off. Repeated attacks from Piloswine can't keep up, and Pikachu slides underneath Piloswine and hits it with Thunder. However, Piloswine uses Rest and gets back into the action!

Again and again Pikachu takes Piloswine down, but it keeps getting back up. Ash refuses to give in, and eventually Pryce throws in the towel, seeing that his Piloswine has had enough. Brock observes that sometimes the hardest part of battling is to know when it's pointless to continue, even if it means giving up a victory.

Pryce awards the Glacier Badge to Ash, even though his Pokemon wasn't knocked out. He explains that Ash has proven his abilities as a trainer with his strategies and closeness with his Pokemon. Ash is very happy, and raring to head for the final Gym in Blackthorn City. Pryce wishes him luck.

Team Rocket is still frozen in a huge block of ice, surrounded by sleeping Ice Pokemon.

By: Audrey