Episode #237 - Whichever Way the Wind Blows

Our heroes are journeying to Blackthorn City when they come across a trio of Oddish that look hurt. Brock gives them some of his Pokemon food and they recover. They indicate a nearby hill, so the kids check it out. On the other side of the hill is a valley that has a huge tree in the middle.

Suddenly a group of Bellossom and Vileplume begin to fight. Ash uses Bayleef to break the fight up, but the Pokemon refuse to apologise. A man in a lab coat arrives and greets the three Oddish, which are his. He thanks the kids for helping out, and introduces himself as Steven, he's doing research on the Grass type Pokemon in the area. Because the area has a lot of sunlight, the Bellossom and Vileplume have staked out their own territories.

When Ash notices the large number of Bellossom and Vileplume, Steven and Brock explain how Gloom can evolve with either a Sun Stone or Leaf Stone. Steven believes that the wind in this region contains traces of stone dust, so the Pokemon evolve differently depending on which direction the wind is coming from at the time. Unfortunately this has caused an imbalance of power between the Pokemon and they end up fighting over the territory.

Team Rocket is nearby having lunch, but it happens to be their bad luck to be caught the middle of a Bellossom and Vileplume stampede. Jessie and James are affected by the Stun Spore, so Meowth goes off to find some Salveya Weed to cure them. He discovers Steven's house and swipes a bottle of Salveya Weed. When Jessie and James are cured, they decide to steal all the Grass Pokemon for the boss.

The wind picks up, and some Gloom evolve into Bellossom. This starts the fighting all over again, and Bayleef breaks it up as before. Misty notices a small group of Bellossom and Vileplume that aren't fighting, and wishes that all the Pokemon could get along like that.

They all go to Steven's house and discuss what to do. Steven checks his computer and discovers there's a big storm on the way with lots of wind. He admits that maybe it would be better for one side to lose the fight, since then the rest of the Pokemon would be safer. The kids don't think that solution is fair.

The storm hits, and more Gloom evolve. Steven becomes concerned that they'll have a major riot on their hands. When the storm passes, he and the kids run out to plead with the Pokemon to stop, they'll only get themselves hurt. The Pokemon don't listen.

Just then, Team Rocket appears. They leap down from their balloon and threaten to steal the Pokemon. Again they get caught in the melee, but this time they have gas masks so are unaffected by the Stun Spore. They chase after the Pokemon but can't catch any in the confusion.

Brock says that it's best to let the Pokemon fight, so they can see that it's pointless. When the dust settles, Misty directs their attention to the group of Bellossom and Vileplume that chose not to fight. Meowth says that's not quite right, and translates that those Pokemon aren't fighting because they evolved the opposite way to what they wanted. They can't bring themselves to fight the Pokemon that they wanted to become. Steven is surprised that the Pokemon have an opinion of what they wanted to evolve into. Misty adds that perhaps things were meant to be this way.

Jessie and James finally manage to capture some of the Grass Pokemon in a bag, but the rest of the Bellossom and Vileplume attack them to save their friends. For a change, Bayleef sends them blasting off. The Pokemon all dance around happily. Steven and all the Pokemon bid Ash and his friends farewell.

By: Audrey