Episode #238 - Some Like it Hot

Our three friends are walking through some mountains, and the region is very warm due to the volcanoes and hot springs in the area. Team Rocket is bathing in a hot spring when they see the kids passing by, and debate about going after them when a geyser erupts under them and sends them blasting off.

The kids see a number of Macargo on their path, a large snail-like Pokemon. One of them is blocking their way, but when Ash asks it to move, it blasts them with its Flamethrower. Misty calls out Poliwhirl and battles it, but Poliwhirl is defeated.

A loudmouthed kid appears and criticizes Misty's technique, claiming that he's a Pokemon expert. He wants to battle the Macargo himself, but by this time it has crawled into a cave. The boy then blames Misty for the Macargo's escape. He introduces himself as Egan, the best Fire Pokemon trainer around. Misty is skeptical, and the two argue about which is better, fire or water. They prepare to have a Pokemon battle, then Egan says this is a waste of his time and chases after the Macargo. Ash says at least it's out of their way now.

Team Rocket is floating above in their balloon, looking for the kids. Another geyser erupts, blasting them off again.

Later, Ash and his friends meet Egan again, he's still looking for the Macargo. As if on cue, it comes out of a cave, and Egan challenges it. He attempts to battle with his Flareon, but the Macargo withdraws into its shell, making Flareon's attacks useless. Eventually Flareon is beaten and the Macargo returns to the cave. Egan and Misty argue again but Brock breaks it up by suggesting they all have lunch.

Once more, Team Rocket spies on the group. They come up with a plan to snatch the Macargo and Pikachu after stealing the kids' lunch, but a Macargo toasts their behinds with a fire attack and they run in a panic.

After lunch, Egan's Flareon is looking better after having some of Brock's Pokemon food. Egan and Misty set aside the animosity as Egan says he tends to get caught up in the heat of battle and push his Pokemon too hard. Misty understands, and explains that she likes Water types because they can adapt to almost any situation, just like water can take the form of whatever container it's in.

They hit the road again, and soon Ash spots the Macargo. This time, Egan is ready. Keeping Misty's words in mind, he changes his tactics and waits for Macargo to go into its shell. Flareon hops onto its back and uses Flamethrower to take it by surprise when it comes out. With his new strategy, Egan is finally able to capture the Macargo!

As he celebrates, however, a metal hand descends from the sky and snatches the PokeBall containing the Macargo. It's Team Rocket in their balloon! They don't get far though, because Misty has Poliwhirl use Water Gun to destroy the robot arm and get the PokeBall back. Egan releases the Macargo; he and Misty attack Team Rocket together, and Arbok and Victreebell don't have a chance. Pikachu gets the last word and sends them blasting off.

Egan thanks everyone their their help. He and Misty agree to settle their feud another time, and part as friends. The journey continues.

By: Audrey