Episode #239 - Hocus Pokemon

Ash and his friends are still heading for Blackthorn City when a Murkrow flies up to them, calling urgently. A girl dressed in a tight outfit and cape runs up and cuddles Pikachu, much to Ash's surprise. She is Lily, a Pokemon magician, and she tells them that she needs Pikachu for a spell that she's working on.

The kids introduce themselves. Brock flirts with Lily, and Misty asks her to perform some magic. Lily agrees, offering to make Misty's skin smooth and silky. She gets out an old book that's written in an ancient script and mixes up some ingredients in a beaker. Smoke fills the area, and three Spinarak drop down from a tree and spin their webs on Misty. Misty freaks while Lily explains that Spinarak web helps the skin stay healthy.

After getting Misty cleaned up, Lily says that she's working on a spell that will allow a person to read the minds of Pokemon. She has most of the ingredients but still needs some, including Stun Spore from a Parasect. Ash volunteers to help out. When Lily's Murkrow finds a Parasect, Ash and Pikachu battle it until it releases Stun Spore, and Lily collects some with a small vacuum.

In the next moment, Pikachu is snatched by a robotic arm. It's Team Rocket in their balloon! Lily rejoices when she sees Meowth, because the next ingredient she needs is fur from Meowth's claws. She sends her Murkrow to collect some, but it accidentally pokes a hole in the balloon. Pikachu is freed, but the balloon flies away out of control. Lily and the kids chase after it.

Team Rocket has landed on an unstable rock ledge. Heedless of the danger, Lily runs onto the ledge and takes some fur from Meowth. She runs to safety as the ledge collapses and Team Rocket falls into the forest below.

Now the last ingredient is Aipom tears. Ash calls out for an Aipom, and surprisingly, one appears. Unfortunately Lily's enthusiasm spooks it and it runs away. After hearing the kids talk about the spell, Team Rocket emerges from the bushes and they decide to get their hands on the Aipom and the spell so they can use it in all sorts of schemes.

The kids split up to catch the Aipom, but Team Rocket finds it first and catches it with a net. Their balloon is now repaired, and they use the robot arm to grab Lily's bag as they make their escape. Lily sends her Murkrow after them but it's unable to stop them. Ash vows to stop them himself.

Nearby, Jessie goes through Lily's bag but thinks the vials of spell ingredients are junk. James is able to read the ancient script in the book and says that they need the Aipom tears but tears obtained by violence won't work. So they put on a series of plays hoping to get the Aipom to cry but the Aipom isn't impressed.

Eventually the kids find them and insist they give back Lily's bag. They send out Arbok and Weezing, but they can't handle both Murkrow and Pikachu. When Pikachu sends Team Rocket blasting off, the Aipom laughs so hard that it cries, and Lily is finally able to get the last spell ingredient!

Lily sets up her equipment and prepares the spell, and Ash volunteers to be a test subject. As Lily recites the incantation, Pikachu charges the beaker with its Thunderbolt and smoke rises. Suddenly there's an explosion. When the smoke clears, everyone is surprised to see that Ash has been turned into a Pikachu!

Shocked, Lily looks at her book again and says that she goofed. The spell continues onto the next page but the writing is so faded that she can't read it. However she assures the three friends that Ash will return to normal when the spell wears off. Ash takes advantage of his condition to play with Pikachu, Togepi, and Murkrow.

By: Audrey