Episode #241 - Same Old Song and Dance

Our heroes are wandering through a forest, feeling hungry. Brock checks the guidebook and says there's a town on the other side of the woods. They run down the road, unaware that they're being followed by Jigglypuff.

When they reach the town, Togepi hears something and wanders off. The kids follow and come across a girl teaching a pair of Igglybuff how to dance. Brock gets an immediate crush on her and is dragged away by Misty. The girl introduces herself as Brittany. Misty apologises for the interruption, but Brittany says it's okay. She and her Igglybuff were practising a song and dance routine for their TV show.

As Brittany gives the three friends a little demonstration, Team Rocket spies on them all and decides to steal the two Igglybuff.

The kids congratulate Brittany for her show, and learn that she's giving a concert with the Igglybuff later. Then who shows up but Jigglypuff! Ash quickly grabs its microphone and stashes it in his bag, while Brock distracts Jigglypuff with some Pokemon food. However it gets jealous when it overhears everyone talking about the Igglybuff, and starts to slap the Igglybuff around when the kids' backs are turned.

Brittany invites everyone to her concert. In the dressing room, Jigglypuff slaps the two Igglybuff again when nobody is looking. When people are seated and the show starts, Jigglypuff sneaks back to the dressing room to retrieve its microphone. Just as it runs onto the stage and prepares to sing, Team Rocket appears!

Jessie and James give a song and dance of their own, but the audience isn't impressed. Despite the efforts of Phanpy and Poliwhirl, Team Rocket escapes with the two Igglybuff captured in a bag. Ash and Brittany ask Brock to hold the stage while they go after Team Rocket, and he agrees.

Once outside, Ash releases Noctowl to search for Team Rocket. Back in the concert hall, Brock does a good job with keeping the audience happy, but as time passes he gets tired and the crowd gets restless.

Team Rocket is in the woods, planning on what to do with the Igglybuff. Jessie wants to use them to make TV shows, video games, and movies so she can get rich. She opens the bag to look at her "co-stars" but discovers that Jigglypuff is there too!

The kids soon find Jigglypuff tied to a tree and gagged. They free it, and it agrees to help them find Team Rocket. The search doesn't take long, and Noctowl brings their balloon down. Totodile and Corsola deal with Victreebell and Arbok, and the two Igglybuff are freed. In a surprising turn of events, Brittany has her co-stars disable Team Rocket's Pokemon with Charm and Sweet Kiss attacks. Jigglypuff even gets in a few Double Slaps before Pikachu and Totodile send Team Rocket blasting off.

They hurry back and Brittany returns to the stage just as Brock collapses. She and her Igglybuff continue their performance and the show is a success. At the end of the show, Jigglypuff returns and sings, putting everyone to sleep! It gets angry and leaves after scribbling on everyone's faces with its marker.

By: Audrey