Episode #243 - Will The Real Oak Please Stand Up?

Our heroes stop at a diner to eat, and they hear Professor Oak giving a show on the radio. Mary the DJ announces that the Professor will be doing a live outdoor recording in Maroon Town the following day. Since this is on their way anyway, the kids decide to hit the road.

Team Rocket is already in Maroon Town, tired and blaming each other for being lost. They see posters for Professor Oak's show that say there will be a free meal included. They decide to take over the show, with Jessie disguised as Mary, James as Professor Oak and Meowth as their manager.

Nurse Joy comes along and thinks they are the real people, wondering why they are in town when the show isn't until tomorrow. The "manager" explains that when they heard there were a lot of Pokemon fans in town, they came early. Joy leads them to the stage where they immediately chow down on the buffet. A group of children is there and begin to ask questions, making James nervous because he doesn't know the answers. Meowth has a bunch of books under the table that he uses to help, but James still has trouble keeping up. They manage to get through the day, and that evening they agree to keep up the pretense.

The next morning the real Oak and Mary arrive in town, to be met by a group of skeptical kids who want to know why the Professor gave them the wrong answers the day before. The impostors can already be seen at the food table. Just then Ash and friends walk up, and Oak asks for their help in the matter. However Team Rocket is playing their roles so well that it's hard to tell who's who. Misty suggests a contest where the Professors will have to answer questions, and whoever loses has to leave town. Ash is concerned, but Oak tells him that if he loses it'll only prove that he needs to study more.

So both Marys and Oaks go up on stage in front of a crowd of fans. Nurse Joy will be the judge. There will be three questions, and the one who answers two out of three correctly will be the winner. The first question is a two-parter, and the real Oak jumps the gun and answers the first part before hearing the rest of the question. James manages to answer the second part by sheer luck, and gets one point. For the second question, Nurse Joy shows a Pokemon silhouette that has to be identified. The real Oak knows the right answer, and the score is tied.

Afraid of a loss, the "manager" suggests that the third question be a Pokemon poetry contest, and both Oaks agree. James comes up with a nice-sounding poem, but Nurse Joy recognises the real Oak's poem as being genuine because she happens to be a 5th level master in Pokemon poetry. When James complains that his poem was better, Joy says that it didn't have the deeper meanings that the true Professor Oak's poems had. With their plan failed, Team Rocket reveal themselves and attempt to escape under cover of Weezing's Smokescreen. They fly away in their balloon, carrying a bag with all the food in it. Professor Oak releases a Pidgey which cuts the bag down, and follows up by sending Team Rocket blasting off with a Gust attack.

The crowd of children apologise to the Professor that they doubted him, and he starts to answer their questions again. Ash and his friends prepare to resume their journey. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has landed on a tree branch, which breaks and they fall.

By: Audrey