Episode #250 - Fangs For Nothin'

Ash enters the Blackthorn Gym for his match. This is a 3-on-3 battle, and the challenger is allowed to substitute Pokemon. The Gym leader Claire starts off with a Kingdra, so Ash selects Pikachu. However, Pikachu's electric attacks don't work because Kingdra has the traits of a Dragon type as well as a Water type.

Outside, Jessie mopes about losing the Dratini, so James suggests that they get even with the Gym leader by stealing her Dragon Fang treasure. As they discuss what to do, Wobbuffet steals their lunch. In the Gym, Ash realises that Pikachu can't handle the Kingdra and switches to Noctowl. It tries some psychic attacks but Kingdra is too fast for Noctowl to keep up.

Team Rocket sneaks up to the building where the Dragon Fang is kept, and Meowth picks the lock. James puts on special glasses to see an infrared security system, and uses a robotic arm to bypass the light beams and grab the box containing the Dragon Fang. Unfortunately Wobbuffet comes out of its PokeBall and causes them to trip the alarm. Noctowl is about to get knocked out when the alarm sounds. The match is halted, and everyone runs outside to see Team Rocket escaping. Team Rocket finds a motorboat tied to a pier in the river and they speed away. Claire brings out her Dragonair, and the kids use various Water type Pokemon to follow.

Team Rocket steers the boat into a cave in an effort to get away. Claire comments that this cave leads to the Dragon's Den. She leads everyone inside, and explains that there's a maze of tunnels in here. If they're lucky they might find the way to the Dragon's Holy Land, where she once trained with Lance. They can't allow Team Rocket to defile it.

Further into the cave, Team Rocket talks about how to sell the Dragon Fang to make lots of money. The boat is caught in a waterfall and smashed. They end up in a beautiful valley populated by all kinds of Pokemon, and they're rescued by a Dragonite. Meowth translates that it can smell the Dragon Fang they have. Quickly TR uses the situation to their advantage and they convince the Dragonite that they're trying to protect the Dragon Fang from some bad people.

The kids and Claire reach the valley and split up in search of TR. When the Dragonite spots Ash and friends, it attacks them and carries TR away. Claire says that the Dragonite once belonged to the first Blackthorn Gym leader, and hasn't been the same since he left. Brock theorizes that it joined TR because it was lonely. Ash and Claire agree to stop TR and help the Dragonite.

Suddenly a large shape appears in the sky, silhouetted by the sun. Is it a friend or an enemy?

By: Audrey