Episode #251 - Great Bowls of Fire!

The mysterious shape descending on Ash and company turns out to be a Charizard: Ash's Charizard, which roasts him with a Flamethrower before landing and licking his face. Close behind is Lisa, in a balloon being pulled by her own Charizard. It turns out that Lisa and Claire have known each other since childhood, and Lisa sometimes brings her Pokemon to the Dragon's Holy Land to train.

Team Rocket is still being held by Dragonite, whom Meowth says is taking them someplace safer.

Lisa is told about Team Rocket stealing the Dragon Fang and she offers to help. Soon two balloons rise into the air, each pulled by a Charizard. The valley below is beautiful, and Claire says that the flowers bloom year-round because of some mysterious power of the Dragon Pokemon. Everyone wonders why the Dragonite attacked them. Claire believes it's too smart to be deceived by the likes of Team Rocket, and it has always been proud to carry on the will of its long-departed master and protect the valley.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is back on the ground. The Dragonite brings them an armful of fruit and bids them to eat and relax. Then TR notices a structure nearby and they think it might contain something valuable. Claire's steward hopes the Dragonite hasn't taken TR to the Dragon Shrine, which contains a flame that symbolizes the peaceful cooperation of humans and Pokemon.

Naturally, TR goes into the shrine and finds the flame burning in a large golden bowl. James thinks the bowl will be more valuable if they keep the flame burning. He puts on gloves and tries to pick up the bowl, but burns himself and drops it, setting the ground on fire. Furious, the Dragonite attacks them, spreading the flames further! Our heroes spot the smoke and rush to the scene as other Pokemon flee. Dragonite's attacks on Team Rocket are blocked by Ash's Charizard, while Claire tells her Dragonair to call rain clouds to put out the fire. Brock's Geodude and Onix get other Pokemon to safety, Misty's Staryu and Politoed help fight the fire.

Unfortunately the Dragonite is still angry and won't listen to reason. Claire says it's suffering from attack rage and can't control itself. Ash and his Charizard keep Dragonite occupied as James admits that he's the one who caused the fire. Misty's Politoed puts out the remaining flames surrounding the shrine. Ash and Claire join forces to battle the Dragonite, and after a spectacular fight it finally comes back to its senses.

Team Rocket makes one last attempt to escape with the Dragon Fang, but Pikachu sends them blasting off and Ash catches the precious artifact. The flaming bowl is put back into the shrine, which is scorched but still standing.

Later, everyone gathers at the entrance to the Gym. Ash and Claire agree to restart their Gym match in the morning, and Charizard roasts Ash again in a good-luck gesture.

By: Audrey