Episode #252 - Better Eight Than Never

The Blackthorn City Gym match between Ash and Claire is restarted. As before, Claire chooses Kingdra as her first Pokemon. Surprising everyone, Ash chooses Snorlax, saying he switched his Pokemon around while at the Pokemon Centre. Claire hits hard, but Snorlax's body absorbs all the blows. Thanks to Snorlax's endurance, Kingdra is soon worn out and Ash is victorious! Lisa arrives to watch with Brock and Misty.

Team Rocket is digging an underground tunnel in search of the Dragon Fang artifact. When Meowth thinks they have reached the right spot, they head upwards, but hit water. Seems they took a wrong turn and are now under the lake! Water floods into the tunnel and sweeps them away.

Claire's next Pokemon is Gyarados. Snorlax puts up a good fight, but it's already tired from the previous match and is defeated.

Outside, Lisa's Charizard is enjoying a snack when it's snatched out from under her nose by a pair of blue arms. Ash chooses Pikachu to battle Claire's Gyarados. Despite the huge difference in size and power, Pikachu's speed gives it the advantage. Eventually Pikachu uses its Agility to literally walk over a Hydro Pump attack, and with a Thunderbolt, Gyarados is knocked out!

Once again Team Rocket is digging, this time using a Meowth-shaped robot to dig while they eat some snacks. When the robot detects the Dragon Fang, it breaks the surface only to find Lisa's Charizard waiting there. She blasts them off with a Flamethrower, and their bag of snacks drops to the ground. However, the bag is also stolen by the blue arms.

Dragonair is Claire's final Pokemon, which defeats Pikachu despite his valiant efforts. Undaunted, Ash releases his Charizard! The roof of the arena is opened to give the Pokemon more room to maneuver. At first the match is even, but Charizard uses its flame attacks to evaporate the arena's pool, leaving Dragonair with no place to hide. The battle moves to the sky, but Charizard gains the advantage and finishes off with a Flaming Seismic Toss. A jubilant Ash is awarded the Dragon Badge.

Later, Lisa departs in her balloon with the two Charizards, while Ash looks forward to the Johto League Tournament.

By: Audrey