Episode #254 - Just Add Water

Our heroes are on their way to New Bark Town when they come to a tunnel through a mountain. When Brock wonders if it's a short cut to the ocean, Misty perks up and runs ahead. The tunnel does in fact lead to the ocean, and Misty lets her Water Pokemon out for a swim. As they follow the beach, they find a sign advertising a Pokemon Synchronized Swimming event, and decide to check it out.

They arrive at a large stadium built on the water, just as the event is about to begin. Brock hopes to see some pretty girls in swimsuits, but the performer is male, with a Quilfish, Mantine, and Lanturn. Team Rocket watches from nearby and plans to steal the Pokemon for the boss.

After the performance, the young man introduces himself as Dorian. He runs the show alone, as well as the Gym. This happens to be a private Gym called Coastline Gym and he's the Gym Leader. He takes the kids on a tour, and Misty notices pictures of her three sisters at Cerulean Gym. Dorian says he's visited them many times and it's his dream to make his Gym just like the Cerulean Gym. However when Misty asks if they ever mention her, he replies that she's referred to as being a "loser". She gets angry and challenges him to a battle.

Team Rocket is in their Magikarp sub, trying to get near the Gym. They are attacked by Dorian's three Pokemon and the sub sinks.

Back in the Gym, Dorian shows the kids his underwater arena. Misty has always wanted to have a real underwater battle! The Magikarp sub drifts by and Misty recognises it at once. No sooner does the sub surface when Ash and Dorian send Totodile and Lanturn to make Team Rocket blast off.

Misty is ready to battle, but Ash butts in and insists on going first. Everyone heads into the water with special mouthpieces to breathe with, and Brock referees the match. Ash uses Totodile against Dorian's Lanturn, but his regular battle tactics are useless underwater and Totodile is quickly knocked out. Ash is forced to admit that his experience is lacking.

Next it's Misty's turn. She wants to start with Goldeen, but Psyduck comes out instead and panics at being in the water. An inner tube is found for Psyduck to float on, and the match resumes. Goldeen puts up a good fight against Dorian's Quilfish but is defeated. Next, Misty chooses Corsola to battle Mantine. Corsola's size puts it at a disadvantage compared to Mantine, but a timely Recover keeps it in the match and it pulls off a victory!

The third match is about to start when everyone is caught up in a giant whirlpool! Team Rocket appears with a large crab-like robot. Totodile and Quilfish are sent to attack, but are sucked up by the machine, followed by the other Pokemon. Misty has Corsola tackle the robot, but this only causes the whirlpool to pull in Psyduck. She swims hard and pushes Psyduck out of danger but gets caught herself! Dorian tries to save her and is also captured. With one last blast of the whirlpool, Team Rocket escapes.

Back on the beach, Ash has Noctowl lead him and Brock to where Team Rocket is hiding. They have Dorian and Misty tied up. Ash is about to release Phanpy but an angry Psyduck wants to battle instead. Team Rocket sends out Arbok and Victreebell, but their attacks only give Psyduck a headache, which enables it to use its psychic abilities to send them blasting off again. Everyone is safe.

Dorian is impressed. He complements Misty on her training, and they decide that their match was a draw. Ash suggests that when he gets to the Silver Conference he can spread the word about the Coastline Gym so it can become an official Gym. Dorian thanks them all and promises Misty that the next time he's at the Cerulean Gym he'll tell her sisters that she's doing okay.

By: Audrey