Episode #256 - Hatch Me if You Can

Ash and friends have stopped for lunch just outside New Bark Town. They talk about Ash's egg and what Pokemon it might be. Suddenly it starts to glow: the sign that it's about to hatch! However, after a moment the glow stops. Ash thinks that the egg might need to be warmer and puts it under his shirt.

Team Rocket watch from the bushes and plan to steal the egg. After a while, the egg hatches into a Larvitar, but it doesn't move much. Brock checks its temperature and says it's very cold, and they should get it to a Pokemon Centre. They quickly head to the nearest one, where Nurse Joy wraps the Larvitar in a blanket. She's not sure what's wrong with it, and decides to Email Professor Elm for advice. Meanwhile, Professor Oak and Ash's mother Delia are at Professor Elm's lab, hoping to surprise Ash when he arrives.

At the Pokemon Centre, a thunderstorm is brewing. Despite having a heater on its bed, the Larvitar isn't improving. Suddenly, lightning hits and the power goes off. Nurse Joy is concerned when the backup generator doesn't kick in, and goes outside to investigate. She discovers that the generator is damaged, and when she runs toward it, she falls into a hole! Team Rocket gloats.

The kids anxiously await Nurse Joy's return. She comes back with an assistant, saying that they have to move the Larvitar to another Pokemon Centre. Ash is about to give it to them, but Brock stops him. Brock knows this isn't the real Nurse Joy because he knows her voice and perfume very well, and this woman's voice and perfume don't match! Their cover blown, Team Rocket tries to snatch Larvitar, but Ash has Pikachu zap them and they flee.

When Nurse Joy is helped out of the hole, she says the generator is beyond repair. Ash sits with the Larvitar and releases Cyndaquil to help keep it warm.

Professors Oak and Elm are discussing various theories about Pokemon when Delia notices that Elm's computer has incoming mail. When Professor Elm reads the message he becomes alarmed.

Night falls at the blacked-out Pokemon Centre and everyone is asleep, including Ash who is still holding the Larvitar against his body. He has a strange dream about being dropped off the back of a motorbike and getting lost. When he wakes up he thinks that he was in Larvitar's dream somehow.

In the morning, Professors Oak and Elm arrive with Delia. They'll find out what's wrong while Delia makes breakfast. As they all eat, Ash tells them about the dream he had. He theorizes that something bad happened to Larvitar while it was still in the egg, and as a result it doesn't want to be in this world. Perhaps the Larvitar will feel better if he showed it that the world is beautiful too.

Ash takes the Larvitar outside and shows it around. Team Rocket shows up disguised as a pair of farmers, and a haystack hides a large robot! Ash picks up Larvitar and runs, but gets captured by a huge metal hand! Larvitar falls into the grass and Pikachu defends it, but the robot is insulated from electric attacks, and Pikachu gets caught as well. As Ash yells at the Larvitar to run, it remembers how kind Ash was to it, and gets angry. It uses its Hidden Power to lift the robot off the ground! Pikachu and Ash are freed, and Larvitar sends Team Rocket blasting off.

The others arrive, and Professor Oak is surprised that Larvitar's power is so strong. However, Larvitar is shy of anyone except for Ash, and Oak says that it will take some time for it to fully recover. Later, Ash goes into town and registers for the Johto League Silver Conference. Professor Elm asks him to return Larvitar to the preserve on Mount Silver where it came from. It would be good for it to see the world. With a new Pokemon, our heroes depart.

By: Audrey