Episode #257 - Entei At Your Own Risk

Our heroes are journeying to Mount Silver to return the Larvitar to its home. Misty and Brock scold Ash for babying the shy Larvitar too much, and say he should be teaching it to get along better with people. An Ursaring unexpectedly shows up, forcing them to run away.

When they stop to rest, they spot some hot springs. Ash goes to check them out and trips an alarm. A boy with a laptop comes out of the woods and apologises, saying he's trying to catch an Entei. He has a map of sightings in the area and has rigged sensors everywhere so he can find Entei more easily.

The boy introduces himself as Nelson, just as the Ursaring from before reappears and dives into a spring. However the Ursaring doesn't bother the kids this time, and Nelson explains that these springs have the power to calm even violent Pokemon. Then he leaves to check on some of his other sensor locations.

Ash and friends let out all their Pokemon to enjoy the hot springs. Ash introduces the Larvitar to his Pokemon, but their playfulness upsets it. Soon Larvitar discovers that it likes the warm sands that surround the springs, and begins to relax. When the rest of the Pokemon get involved in a rambunctious game of mudball-throwing, Larvitar is hit a few times and gets upset again, to everyone's dismay.

Team Rocket watches from nearby, and plans to steal all the Pokemon. They drive up to the kids in a large truck, claiming they have free fruit smoothies. Brock and Misty are suspicious, but Ash and his Pokemon go into the back of the truck. The tailgate closes and Team Rocket takes off.

When Ash realises what's happening, he has his Pokemon team up to break the doors of the truck so they can escape. As he leaps out of the truck, he loses his grip on Larvitar! Before it hits the ground, it's caught by a Misdreavus, a Ghost type Pokemon. Nelson arrives as Brock and Misty catch up. Nelson says that the Misdreavus is his, and he plans to use its special attack to capture Entei. He offers to have a demonstration if Ash will battle him, and Ash accepts.

Down the road, Team Rocket discovers that Ash has escaped. The match between Ash and Nelson begins. Nelson will use his Misdreavus, and Ash's Phanpy volunteers to battle. It goes well for Ash until Misdreavus uses a Mean Look attack that makes Phanpy confused and unable to continue. Ash tries to recall it but can't, and Nelson tells him that Mean Look stops Pokemon from being recalled or running away.

Suddenly, a net drops down on Misdreavus! Team Rocket is in their balloon, and they activate a suction device which pulls all the Pokemon off the ground, including Brock's Pineco. Brock attempts to rescue it but he can't, and the upset Pineco lets loose a burst of energy that disrupts the vortex! When the air clears, Pineco has evolved into a Forretress!

Bayleef cuts Misdreavus loose, but Team Rocket activates the vacuum again on full power. The resulting vortex threatens to destroy the hot springs! All the Pokemon aim their attacks at it, but they can't stop it. Amidst the chaos, one of Nelson's alarms goes off, and a huge fire blast from a nearby mountaintop hits the balloon, sending it crashing to the ground. It's Entei! Entei doesn't listen to Team Rocket's lame pleas for their freedom and sends them blasting off.

Now Nelson challenges Entei and has Misdreavus use its Mean Look attack. However, there seems to be no effect. In fact, Entei shrugs off all Misdreavus' attacks easily. Entei forces Misdreavus back into its PokeBall and leaves. Nelson is very disappointed, but vows to keep trying to capture Entei.

Ash and his friends continue on their way. Larvitar is getting along with the the other Pokemon now, but is still shy of Misty.

By: Audrey