Episode #259 - Here's Lookin' At You, Elekid

Our three friends have stopped for lunch. Misty talks to Larvitar but it Hardens, and Brock says to give it more time. There's a rustle in the bushes and out comes an Elekid. It makes itself right at home, snatching Larvitar's food and picking a fight with Pikachu. Ash intervenes and gets zapped.

A net drops down from above and captures both Elekid and Larvitar! It's Team Rocket in their balloon. Ash asks Bayleef to cut the net with Razor Leaf, but the net is unbreakable. Team Rocket escapes under cover of Weezing's Smokescreen.

With the net in the balloon, Team Rocket gloats. However, a zap from Elekid is all it takes to blow out the bottom of the basket. The two young Pokemon fall into the forest below. Larvitar is upset, but Elekid reassures it.

The kids are searching for the missing Pokemon when they find a Meganium, which turns out to belong to their old friend Casey. She lectures Ash about how great Meganium is, but Ash likes his Bayleef the way she is. Now Casey is looking for an Elekid. Ash tells her about the one they saw and how Team Rocket stole it, and she gets mad. Out in the woods, Larvitar gets hungry. Elekid uses an electric attack to get some apples from a tree.

Team Rocket is up in a tree with binoculars. When they capture the Pokemon, they'll give them to the boss to make him happy. Soon they find the two Pokemon and recapture them, and this net is invulnerable to Elekid's electricity. Upset, Larvitar lets out a Screech.

The kids aren't far away and hear the distress call. Casey's Meganium cuts the net down and Brock's Forretress sends Team Rocket blasting off. They find the broken net on top of a cliff, but the Pokemon are missing again. Misty thinks they might have fallen over the cliff, so Ash searches for a way down.

Team Rocket crash-lands on top of a familiar Magikarp salesman. James recognises him and demands a refund for the useless Magikarp that he had bought way back when. Instead, the salesman offers to trade him a sweet-smelling Weepinbell that will attract wild Pokemon. Jessie agrees and convinces James to trade his overly affectionate Victreebell for it. Once the deal has been made, the salesman runs away. James is quite upset, but reluctantly brings out the Weepinbell and tells it to use its Sweet Scent.

Nearby, Larvitar and Elekid catch the scent. Larvitar is unaffected and tries to stop Elekid from following it. Meganium and Pikachu are affected also. As Larvitar and Elekid get closer, they drop into a hole! The kids run onto the scene but fall into another trap. However, Meganium gets them out with its Vine Whip and the battle is on!

It's Casey's Meganium vs. Arbok and Ash's Phanpy vs. Weepinbell. The Weepinbell knocks out Phanpy, and to everyone's surprise, it evolves into a Victreebell and immediately chomps Jessie! She's furious when she gets loose, and sets Arbok on the Victreebell, which goes flying. James is now even more upset at losing two Victreebells in one day! Next Jessie turns her attention on the kids, but Meganium sends Team Rocket blasting off.

Somewhere in the forest, the salesman is having trouble controlling his new Victreebell because it keeps chomping him. He kicks it away, and in midair it happens to collide with the other Victreebell. They take a liking to each other and hop away together.

After all this trouble, Casey is determined to catch the Elekid. She sends her Meganium to battle it, and after a short round, the Elekid is captured! Casey assures the Larvitar that she'll take good care of its friend. Ash congratulates her, and she regales him with the Electabuzz Team song for luck at the Silver Conference.

By: Audrey