Episode #262 - Mother of All Battles

Our heroes are climbing a steep path up Mount Silver. Brock and Misty are glad that Larvitar is used to them now. When they come to a rope bridge over a river, Larvitar gets excited and runs across. Nobody sees that they are being watched by a periscope from below.

Larvitar is very happy, as if it recognises its home. Ash thinks that Pokemon can still hear and feel things even when they're in an egg. Behind them, a trio of bandits watch and plan to capture Larvitar and the other Pokemon.

The kids hear something big approaching, and a huge Tyranitar appears! They recognise a scar on its chest: it's Larvitar's mother! Unfortunately she won't listen to them and attacks. As she chases the kids around, Larvitar gets upset and Screeches. Tyranitar recognises the sound and calms down, realising that Larvitar is her missing child. Just then, the poachers use a straitjacket device called a Pokebag to capture Tyranitar! They drive up in a tank-like machine and gloat. Ash demands that they let Tyranitar go, but they say they'll only let it go to the highest bidder. Misty and Brock recognise the trio now: they are Brennan, Chico, and Blair, the Pokemon Poacher Brothers!

Team Rocket watches from their balloon, feeling jealous that the poachers have the latest equipment while they have to use substandard stuff. They plan to join the poachers, then make off with the Pokemon afterwards.

The brothers see the park ranger coming, and make their escape with Tyranitar. Brock quickly sends Crobat to follow them. The ranger turns out to be a young woman, and she has a Croconaw. Brock flirts with her as Misty explains the situation, and she is grateful for their help.

Somewhere in the woods, Team Rocket begs the poachers to let them join. The brothers agree, but they'll have to pass a test: catch Pikachu and Larvitar. Team Rocket is allowed to borrow the tank, and they drive away. The poachers aren't worried, because while Team Rocket is keeping the rangers busy, they'll get away with the Tyranitar.

Crobat flies back and leads the kids toward the poachers' hideout, but they run into Team Rocket along the way. They try to shoot a Pokebag, but attacks from Pikachu and Croconaw force it back and it captures them instead! Team Rocket promptly blasts off.

However the trouble isn't over yet, because the Poacher Brothers are using Team Rocket's balloon to haul the Tyranitar away. They activate the tank with a remote control, and it shoots a Pokebag, capturing everyone except for Larvitar. Next, Pikachu and Croconaw get caught by the tank's robotic arms! In desperation Ash tells Larvitar to use its powers, and it Screeches.

Tyranitar hears it and begins to struggle. Despite the brothers' claim that the Pokebag is unbreakable, Tyranitar eventually gets herself loose and blasts the balloon. The balloon and remote control smash on the ground, and the mother and child are reunited! The brothers get into the tank and attempt to get away, but both Larvitar and Tyranitar blast it to pieces. Pikachu and Croconaw are freed, and the Pokemon Poachers get captured by the rangers.

The female ranger, who turns out to be Professor Elm's friend Mason, thanks the kids for everything and gives them directions to Silvertown. As the three friends depart, they wave goodbye to Larvitar and its mother. Elsewhere, Team Rocket is still trapped in the Pokebag and suspended from underneath the rope bridge.

By: Audrey