Episode #266 - Tie One On!

In the next match of the round-robin, Macy faces off against a boisterous young man named Jackson. When both of them are down to just one Pokemon each, Jackson trips over the cape he's wearing. His confused Poliwhirl waits for instructions and gets hammered by Macy's Quilava. Ash is now tied with Macy, and he needs a win or draw in his next battle to move up to the finals.

Ash lets Bulbasaur and Squirtle out to play while he goes into the Pokemon Centre. He finds Jackson talking with Professor Elm. Jackson isn't happy about the outcome of his match. Outside, Bulbasaur uses Vine Whip to grab an apple from a tree, but a Meganium happens to grab the same apple, and the two Pokemon pull until the apple splits in half. The Meganium's companion, an Azumarill, throws the half-apple at Squirtle, and the situation degenerates into a fight.

Ash and Jackson hear about the fight and discover that their own Pokemon are involved. As they run outside, Harrison arrives and uses a Miltank to stop the battle. Officer Jenny pulls up on a motorcycle and advises Ash and Jackson that they can lose points or be disqualified if their Pokemon are caught fighting. Gary gets the last word when he aims a jab at Ash that he can't control his Pokemon. An annoyed Ash admits to Harrison that Gary is his rival.

Team Rocket is nearby, trying to come up with a new design for their next batch of fake bottle-cap badges to sell.

That evening, Ash chooses his Pokemon lineup with the help of Brock and Misty. The match begins first thing the following morning, and the computer selects Jackson to start. His first Pokemon is Azumarill, and Ash chooses Pikachu and defeats it quickly. Next Jackson releases a powerful Magneton. It uses a combination of Thunder Wave and Tri Beam to paralyze and knock out Pikachu, and then does the same thing to Cyndaquil! Ash has only one Pokemon left!

However, Ash isn't finished yet, and brings out Bulbasaur. The Magneton puts up a tough fight, but a few unorthodox moves by Bulbasaur give it the win. Jackson's final Pokemon is Meganium, as expected. Both are strong, and neither will give in to the other. Brock says they're fighting for their pride as Grass Pokemon. Eventually both are exhausted, and with a final look of respect, they both fall. The match is declared a draw, but Ash has enough points to go to the finals! Macy cheers Ash on from the stands.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket has sold their latest batch of "badges" and are reveling in the money they made.

Ash and his friends return to the Pokemon Center to see the standings. Harrison has made it to the finals too. Ash looks for his next opponent and sees that he has been matched with Gary! Both Gary and Ash toss insults at each other and vow to win no matter what.

By: Audrey