Episode #267 - The Ties That Bind

In the lobby of the Silver Conference Pokemon Centre, Ash and Gary trade insults. Gary brings out half of a PokeBall, reminding Ash that their match will be six on six and predicts that Ash will lose. Ash is speechless with anger.

Later, Ash gets a half PokeBall out of his backpack and tells his friends that it was the first one he received. He and Gary had been fishing, and yelling at each other from either side of the stream. They both felt a bite, which turned out to be a PokeBall tangled in their lines, and they pulled until the PokeBall broke. Ash called it a draw, but Gary refused to admit it, saying a tie with Ash is as good as a loss. Now Ash carries the half PokeBall as a good luck charm. Since the next day is a day off, Ash plans to work on his strategy.

Team Rocket is ready to sell their next batch of fake badges, and because of the day off they decide to have a special sale.

In the morning, Misty finds Ash and Brock looking at Pokemon Web sites and books. Ash crashes the computer, so Misty suggests to take a break for breakfast. Outside, they discuss Gary; he doesn't seem to prefer one single type of Pokemon, so he'll be hard to beat. Suddenly Charizard appears, and playfully toasts Ash in greeting! Brock admits to calling Liza the night before.

Gary comes outside, and the atmosphere becomes tense. However, the arrival of Professor Oak and Ash's mother calms things down, and the Professor offers to update the boys' Pokedexes. Before he can discuss much with them, Gary takes his leave to resume his training. Brock tells Ash to continue his research, and his mother encourages him.

Team Rocket is dancing with happiness over the haul of money they've made, but James is now obssessed with making more badges to sell.

The day of the Victory Tournament dawns, and Team Rocket is doing brisk business. An announcer says that the field will change randomly during the battle: ground, rock, water, or ice. Harrison and his Sneasel win their match and advance to the second round. He wishes Ash good luck and says he'll be waiting. Brock and Misty, along with several Pokemon, are sitting on a bench behind Ash's position.

The field is selected as Rock, and Gary starts with a Nidoqueen. Ash chooses Tauros and charges into battle, but Nidoqueen defeats it with just one Hyper Beam! Brock comments that Ash has to be more creative with his attacks. Ash selects Heracross but Gary recalls Nidoqueen and substitutes Magmar, putting Heracross at a disadvantage. Magmar unleashes a powerful attack, but Heracross manages to shrug it off and strike back hard, knocking out Magmar!

Gary seems unworried and says that Ash is being reckless as usual. His next Pokemon is Blastoise, the final form of the Squirtle that he received when he first started, and his most powerful Pokemon. However, Heracross still has a lot of fight left. The winner of this match can be anybody's guess...

By: Audrey