Episode #268 - Can't Beat The Heat!

The battle between Ash and Gary continues as Ash's Heracross is quickly defeated by Gary's Blastoise. Misty is surprised, these have been the strongest water attacks she's ever seen. Next Ash brings out Muk, which engulfs Blastoise but gets thrown off, forcing him to recall it. Ash's friend Harrison watches from the stands as Ash tries Bayleef. Unfortunately she can't stand up to Blastoise either. Can anything stop this Pokemon?

Ash doesn't seem to be concerned as a five-minute intermission is announced. Pikachu wants to battle, but Ash tells his buddy that he can only use the Pokemon he registered with. Professor Oak and Mrs. Ketchum discuss matters, saying that both boys see each other as best friends even though they won't admit it.

When the match resumes, Gary pits his Arcanine against Ash's Snorlax. The huge Pokemon defeats Arcanine, so Nidoqueen comes back out, but she goes down also! Now Gary is impressed. He releases Scizor, which uses its speed to knock out Snorlax. Brock comments that Ash put his team together with power in mind, so it'll be hard for him to match such speed.

Muk puts up a solid fight against Scizor but eventually loses. Ash has only one remaining Pokemon: his ace in the hole, Charizard! Scizor can't stand up to the flame attacks and goes down, so Gary brings out his last Pokemon, a Golem. This could be a problem! Charizard attempts to lift it for a Seismic Toss but it's too heavy, so a Dragon Rage suffices to defeat it. As his rival releases the Blastoise, Ash is determined to go all the way to the top!

Both Pokemon trade blasts but neither can hit the other. Ash has an idea, and has Charizard melt the rocky field with its Flamethrower, giving Blastoise nowhere to run! Blastoise tries to cool the field down with a water attack, but the resulting cloud of steam obscures everything! When it clears, both Pokemon are struggling hand-to-hand. Seeing his chance, Ash orders a Seismic Toss, and Charizard picks up Blastoise and slams it into the ground. Finally, Blastoise falls. Ash has beaten Gary!

Outside, Team Rocket wrestles with the Delibird that has arrived to collect their monthly dues. Although by now they have made a fortune with their fake souvenirs, Jessie wants to open a string of shops that feature clothes and items that she designed.

Later that evening Ash meets Gary and they talk. Gary gives Ash the half Pokeball and says he no longer feels bad because this time Ash beat him fair and square. He'll be cheering Ash on in his second match.

Ash begins his second-round match in the morning, against Harrison. His first Pokemon is Pikachu, against which Harrison uses Kecleon. Who will be the winner of this one?

By: Audrey