Episode #269 - Playing with Fire!

The battle between Ash and Harrison in the second round takes place on a grass field. Professor Oak, Ash's mother, and Gary are all watching from the stands as Harrison chooses Kecleon to go up against Ash's Pikachu. Kecleon's ability to blend itself into the surroundings proves a challenge, and when Pikachu hides in the grass, Kecleon even slices down the grass with its tongue! However, Pikachu grabs Kecleon's long tongue and sends a Thunderbolt along it to knock Kecleon out.

Harrison releases Sneasel, which takes down Pikachu with little effort. In response Ash summons Totodile, which bites Sneasel's arm and dances up and down until Sneasel can't battle any more. Next comes Hypno, whose hypnotises Totodile and sends him flying out of the ring. Ash hopes to fight back with Snorlax, but when he brings out his Pokemon, Snorlax is asleep!

This doesn't bother Harrison, who has Hypno do a Dream Eater attack to drain Snorlax's energy. Snorlax wakes up, very angry at being disturbed, and finishes Hypno with a Hyper Beam! Now there will be a five-minute break. Ash is confident, but he knows the rest of the match won't be easy and plans to make even Gary proud of him.

Outside, Team Rocket is overseeing the construction of their own shop. They argue briefly over who brought more skills to their operation, then settle down and continue their plan.

When the match resumes, Ash uses Noctowl but it can't hold out against Harrison's Steelix. Misty gets worried but Brock notes that Ash performs at his best when he's under pressure. In the stands, Professor Oak thinks that Harrison might have rethought his strategy during the break and might be on the way to a comeback.

Ash's Snorlax returns to battle, and its sheer power overwhelms Steelix. Unfortunately the Houndoom that Harrison brings out knows the Counter move and sends Snorlax's next attack right back at it, knocking it out! Brock is surprised that Harrison has such unique Pokemon.

Now Ash makes a strange choice with Bayleef, but he has a trick up his sleeve. Knowing that Grass attacks won't affect a Fire type, Ash has Bayleef muzzle Houndoom with Vine Whip before knocking it out with a Body Slam. Harrison is impressed, but still determined to win, and shows his strongest Pokemon: Blaziken! Bayleef falls quickly, and Misty thinks that Blaziken is the fastest Pokemon she's ever seen. Ash will be at a major disadvantage now because he has never battled a Blaziken and doesn't know what it can do.

As with his previous match, Ash's final Pokemon is Charizard. Both Fire Pokemon launch Flamethrower attacks at each other and appear to be evenly matched. Who will win this fiery battle?

By: Audrey