Episode #270 - Johto Photo Finish

It's Ash's Charizard against Harrison's Blaziken in a fiery finale to their match. Both have strong attacks, and Charizard's flying is matched by Blaziken's ability to leap. Eventually Charizard unbalances Blaziken with its tail and grabs it for a devastating Seismic Toss! The referee is about to end the match when Blaziken stands up!

Everyone is surprised, but Brock says that he saw Blaziken use a Flamethrower attack at the last second to soften the landing, so it didn't take as much damage. The battle continues! Blaziken escapes another attempt by Charizard to Seismic Toss it, and blasts its Flamethrower to counter Charizard's Dragon Rage.

The resulting explosion blows them both back, and when the smoke clears it's obvious that they are exhausted. Ash and Harrison encourage their Pokemon to stand, but unfortunately Charizard falls first. The victory goes to Harrison, leaving Ash standing there shocked. Later, Ash and his friends bid a fond farewell to Officer Jenny before she takes Squirtle back home. Mrs. Ketchum and Professor Oak depart too. Ash plans to stay until the tournament is over, then head back home to Pallet Town.

An angry mob is outside Team Rocket's shop. They have locked themselves inside because they have nothing to sell until their next order of badges arrives.

The kids watch Harrison's third round match the next morning, and are disappointed when he loses. Brock thinks that it might have gone better if he used Blaziken, but he'd left it at the Pokemon Centre. They meet Harrison later, and he tells them about his home. He was encouraged to go on his Pokemon journey by his friend Professor Birch, who's a Pokemon Researcher. He suggests to Ash to travel to the Houen Region and see the different kinds of Pokemon there.

Suddenly they hear a scream, and a couple nearby says they saw ghosts. Ash's Noctowl reveals the "ghosts" to be a trio of Misdreavus who are trying to help another Misdreavus that is trapped under a fallen tree. Gary shows up and they all work to lift up the tree and release the Misdreavus. Then Gary tells Ash that there's a lot about Pokemon that he wants to learn, and he's decided to become a Pokemon Researcher. The others are happy for Gary but Ash is completely stunned. He won't have a rival any more!

The next day, the final match ends with a Rapidash defeating a Rhydon. James Goodshow awards the winner a huge trophy, and the exciting Johto League Silver Conference draws to a close.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket has received their order of badges and they try to make some sales, but since the tournament is over, few people are around. They need to do some business soon since they used all their money on the shop and supplies. A crowd approaches, but it's not customers, it's an angry bunch of bill collectors! Jessie announces a change of plan and they run back into their shop, which transforms into a giant robot and scares the crowd away.

The group of friends is nearby, preparing to leave. Gary will go around Mt. Silver on the way back to Pallet Town, while Harrison plans to visit the Indigo Plateau. Ash, Misty, and Brock are headed for Viridian City. Just then, Team Rocket's robot appears and immediately attacks Ash, sending him flying! A net comes down to catch Pikachu, but Gary's Blastoise and Harrison's Blaziken stop the robot. Pikachu sends Team Rocket blasting off, and the five friends part ways.

By: Audrey