Episode #100 - The Mystery Menace

Ash and friends find themselves in Trovitopolis, a small city on their way to Trovita island. Team Rocket has set a trap for them and plan on blasting the ground below them to trap them. They end up blowing up the ground below them as well as Ash's group.

Underground, Ash finds himself being tapped, tells Pikachu to stop, but then realizes it wasn't Pikachu, but something else. Suddenly something that looked like vines bursts out and grabs Bulbasaur pulling him in. Ash wants to save Bulbasaur as Officer Jenny from that town spots them all in the sewer and offers a rope to help them out. Ash doesn't go willingly because he wants to save Bulbasaur.

Jenny puts them in jail, and checks out their story, finding them to really be travelling Pokemon trainers decides to let them go. The mayor known as Mr. Mayor doesn't want them to go fearing that word of the monster under the city could ruin his chances of getting re-elected.

Nurse Joy bursts in very upset with the mayor hearing of his plans to kill the monster below the city. Officer Jenny informs the mayor that if he does plan on killing it, that it's illegal to do so.

Later, they are let into the sewer system again by Nurse Joy so they can get back Bulbasaur. They have a quick encounter with Team Rocket although they didn't know it and neither did Jessie, James or Meowth. Weezing gases them and Team Rocket run off hoping to distract whatever it was.

They then decide to start doing the scaring and begin masquerading as monsters threw the sewer system. The mayor has sent in his men to attack the monster and they encounter Team Rocket this way, and start their attack. ^_^ The men return to inform the mayor they've seen three unidentified creatures in the sewer and don't know how many there could be. Mr. Mayor gives the order to block off all sewer openings with cement.

Meanwhile back in the sewer, Misty is pulled in by the creature, so Tracey and Ash go diving, and they are both caught by it. When Ash wakes up he sees the creature was just a big Bulbasaur. It has a tag with the mayor's symbol on it. They burst out of the sewer through the mayor's house while he's taking a bath. They catch him and his Bulbasaur is still happy to see him. The mayor's public opinion is quickly degraded as everyone in town watches him embarassingly held up in the air wearing little more than a towel. Bulbasaur flings him off into the air, and Nurse Joy agrees to take care of him. She points the group in the direction of Trovita Island for Ash to compete for his 3rd Orange League badge.