Episode #101 - Misty Meets Her Match

Ash and his friends go to the local gym on Trivouta Island. While they are going to the local gym, they find a little girl drowning near the island and Misty rescues her, later finding she is the sister of Jiggy, the gym trainer. Jiggy falls in love with Misty at first sight, but Ash asks him to duel him and he decides to just battle the following afternoon if Ash can pass a test of hitting down a series of targets He uses Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle with Charizard not obeying him. Team Rocket appears right in front of them and James exclaims the target's right infront of our face and a target swings down and the pokemon hit it with their attacks blasting them off again.

Jiggy asks Misty to pass the night with him, and confesses his love for her. He asks her about thinking of staying with him forever on the island and to tell him her decision after Ash's match. On the following afternoon, Ash and Jiggy face eachother on the battle field according to plan. The rule has been suggested that every trainer will send three Pokemon, synchronizing each other's type. Jiggy is pretty strong, driving Ash into a tight corner. Misty can't stand seeing Ash in such a bad condition Jiggy's Starmie somehow using thunderbolt on Squirtle and Squirtle learns Hydro Pump winning the match and gets his third Orange League badge.