Episode #104 - The Pokemon Water War

Ash and co. are just coming into port, when they spot a warehouse that's on fire. Officer Jenny tells them to stay back, so naturally they rush right in, and Ash orders Squirtle to put out the blaze. Squirtle does as it's told, but its Water Gun attack is too weak, and as the flames continue to lap at it, the building begins to collapse. It looks like the kids might be trapped, but just in the nick of time, a group of Wartortle appears, and puts out the fire themselves! Jenny explains that they're part of the Turtle Fire Brigade, and Squirtle becomes jealous, because the Wartortle are so much cooler than it is.

Ash recalls that Squirtle and its Squirtle Squad friends used to be fire fighters, and figures that it's depressed, because the Wartortle were able to put out the warehouse fire, while it couldn't. He decides that what Squirtle needs is a way to prove itself to the Wartortle, so he approaches the Wartortles' trainer, and asks if his Squirtle can train with them for a little while. The trainer agrees, and Squirtle participates in all of the Wartortles' fire fighting exercises, doing its best, in hopes of showing up its evolved form. The leader of the Wartortle becomes annoyed, and redoubles its efforts, to prove to Squirtle that it's stronger. They become so involved in upstaging each other, that they accidentally wander away from their trainers, and they're all captured by Team Rocket.

Ash co. and the Wartortles' trainer realize what's happened, and set out looking for Team Rocket, using Tracey's Venonat to track them down. Before they've found them, however, they receive word from Officer Jenny that a fire's broken out in an apartment complex, and that a rolled-over truck is blocking the road to the building. As it stands, the Fire Brigade's Blastoise are too big to get around the truck, and the Squirtle are too weak to put out the fire by themselves. She needs the Wartortle, but of course, they're not around to help. Misty takes her Pokemon, along with Tracey's Marill and Scyther, and heads down to the complex, in hopes of holding off the flames until the Wartortle are found.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket--having successfully captured Squirtle and the Wartortle--begin to argue over who will get to keep them. The turtles, being held down by nothing more than a rope net, simply Water Gun their captors, and escape off into the woods. Meowth chases after them, but when he tries to Scratch them, they Withdraw into their shells, and he cuts through the ropes instead. Freed, the turtles Water Gun the Rockets out of the way, and return to their trainers.

The group arrives at the apartment building, and working together, Squirtle and the Wartortle leader manage to extinguish the blaze. Squirtle's happy, because it was able to prove itself, and it and the Wartortle part ways as friends.