Episode #106 - Pokemon Double Trouble

Ash and co. go to Kumquat Island, home of the last gym. Upon landing, Ash is immediately approached (and glomped) by Luana, a woman who thinks he's her son. Apparently, her son set off on his Trainer's Journey some time ago, and like Ash, took a Pikachu as his first Pokemon. Since Ash reminds her of him, Ruriko decides to stay and chat for a while-- probably not a good idea, considering that trouble follows Ash.

At that moment, 'trouble' appears, in the form or Team Rocket's newest toy, a Mecha Rhydon! Its treads roll thanks to Arbok and Lickitung, who are working on treadmills, and it fires attacks out of its mouth, courtesy of Weezing. The Mecha Rhydon tromps across the beach, terrorizing the tourists, and stops in front of Ash. Jessie orders a Hyper Beam, but has to settle for a Smog attack, since James forgot to give Weezing the TM...

Coughing up smoke, Luana decides she's had enough of the interlopers, and sends out her Alakazam to deal with them. Ash yells for her to move away, worried she might get hurt in the Pokemon battle...but Ruriko tells him not to worry--she's the Kumquat Gym Leader! Alakazam uses telekinesis to halt the tank, and in the ensuing chaos, Arbok accidentally burns a hole in the hull with its Acid attack. Ash's Charizard aims a Flamethrower through the hole, causing the mecha to explode.

Luana is impressed with Ash's display of skill, and she takes him on a tour of her gym, which is built into the back of a hotel she owns. She then offers the kids free stay at her hotel, resolving to hold the match the next day.

The next day comes. Luana explains that they'll be fighting tag team style, using both of their selected Pokemon at the same time. Ash's are Charizard and Pikachu, Luana's Marowak and Alakazam. The four Pokemon get set for battle, but there's a minor problem-- Charizard doesn't want to share its glory with anyone else! It knocks Pikachu out of the way, and starts after Luana's Pokemon on its own. Pikachu, being just as temperamental as Charizard, displays its dissatisfaction in its usual way, a Thunderbolt attack. Charizard responds with a Flamethrower, and soon the two are brawling.

Ruriko, not one to balk such an opportunity, orders her Pokemon to attack. They target Charizard, Alakazam holding it down with a Psychic attack, while Marowak pounds away with Bone Club. Ash yells at Pikachu, ordering it to help out. Pikachu Thunderbolts Charizard. Ash calls to Pikachu again, asking it how it stand by, and not help its friend. Pikachu sighs, and Thunderbolts Alakazam.

Luana nods to Marowak, who charges toward Pikachu with a Take Down attack, sending it flying into the air...but Charizard comes to its aid, catching it before it can fly into a wall. Pikachu hops on Charizard's back, and they charge back towards Luana's Pokemon. Marowak throws its Bonemerang at them, but misses! Pikachu Thunderbolts Marowak, but it has no effect. Meanwhile, Alakazam begins to charge a Hyper Beam, targeting Charizard, who's still rushing toward it. At the last second, Charizard veers up, revealing the Bonemerang, which had circled back behind it. Alakazam is floored, and it misfires the Hyper Beam, fainting Marowak! Ash is declared the winner.

Luana congratulates Ash, and gives him the Jade Star as proof of his victory. Now that he has all four badges, he can compete in the Winner's Cup, which will be the hardest battle of all!