Episode #110 - Enter the Dragonite

Last time, Ash began his battle against Drake, the undefeated Orange League Champion. Drake's first two Pokémon were defeated with ease, but when his Gengar used Night Shade, Ash's Lapras counterattacked with an Ice Beam. Their devastating attacks collided, creating an enormous explosion.

As the smoke clears, we can see that both Gengar and Lapras have fainted. Ash and Drake recall their Pokémon, and the referee declares a time out for the field change. The announcer explains to the audience that whenever someone loses three of their Pokémon, the stadium changes, forcing trainers to adapt to their new environment and to come up with different battle strategies. Speaking to the Pokéball on his necklace, Drake tells his Dragonite that it'll be the only strategy he'll need to win.

Watching the battle, Jessie is unimpressed at Ash's progress. James thinks otherwise, and the two have a brief argument. At the same time, Meowth waits for the perfect opportunity to capture Drake's Dragonite. He tells Team Rocket that when Ash weakens it enough, they'll make their move.

The bell for the second half of the battle sounds, and the stadium transforms from a rocky arena to a sandy field. Ready to fight once more, Drake dispatches Venusaur, and Ash calls out Tauros. Ash orders Tauros to use Fissure, but the soft sand absorbs the shock and it does nothing. Seeing it start to gather sunlight, Tracey tells Ash to take Venusaur out before it's able to unleash its Solar Beam attack. Tauros uses Take Down, but it's ineffective. In a last-ditch effort to avoid the blast, Tauros sends Venusaur soaring through the air. However, it still manages to fire the Solar Beam, hitting Tauros and throwing it to the other side of the field. Tauros survives the blast, so Venusaur attacks it with Vine Whip. Tauros retaliates with another Take Down, and Venusaur finally collapses.

Electabuzz is the next to come out, so Ash decides to use with someone fresh. Knowing that Electric attacks won't phase Grass Pokémon, Ash chooses Bulbasaur hoping to get the type advantage. Tracey warns Ash that he has to take level into consideration as well, but Ash is confident in his Pokémon's skills. Making the first move, Drake tells Electabuzz to use Thundershock. Bulbasaur shakes it off and strikes back with Razor Leaf, but Electabuzz repels the leaves with a Thunderbolt. Ash then tells Bulbasaur to use its Tackle attack, which is countered with Electabuzz's Thunder Punch. Bulbasaur faints.

Depending on Charizard's high level to defeat Electabuzz, Ash sends out the Fire Pokémon next. It begins with a Flamethrower, but Electabuzz dodges and uses both Thunder Punch and Thunder, shocking Charizard. Charizard uses Ember to stop Electabuzz's constant barrage of attacks, and then flies through the air to go for a Seismic Toss. Drake commands his Pokémon to use a Thunderbolt, but it's stopped short when Electabuzz is grabbed and thrown to the ground, ending the battle.

Ash feels certain that the battle is going to be his, but Drake warns him that it's not over yet. He takes the Pokéball from his necklace and throws it, summoning the legendary Dragonite. Trying to remain calm, Ash tells Charizard to use Flamethrower, but a well-placed Water Gun from Drake's Pokémon douses the flames and hits it's opponent. Charizard flies, and dodges Dragonite's Ice Beam. Drake orders Dragonite to chase after Charizard as continues to attack with Ice Beam. After exchanging several blows, Charizard goes into a dizzying dive, avoiding Dragonite's relentless attacks. Hoping to execute a Seismic Toss, Charizard flies toward Drake's Pokémon. However, Dragonite quickly pulls up and gets behind Charizard, grabbing it by the neck and throwing it to the ground. Charizard is sent hurtling toward the earth, but it still manages to get up with the little strength that that it has left. Realizing he has to finish the battle soon, Ash commands Charizard to use Dragon Rage. Drake tells his Dragonite to fight fire with fire, and both of the Pokémon's attacks collide. After the imminent explosion, Dragonite is left standing. James suggests that they should capture it now, but Jessie stops him saying that the battle is starting to get interesting.

Returning it back to its Pokéball, Ash thanks Charizard for weakening the Dragonite for him. He sends out Squirtle next, and commands it to use Hydro Pump. Dragonite uses Water Gun, hitting Squirtle in the stomach. Dragonite follows up with a Thunderbolt, but Squirtle uses Withdraw and ducks into its shell. Seeing that it's still alive, Dragonite flies and dives toward Squirtle. Squirtle's Bubble attack stops Dragonite from using it's Body Slam. Dragonite lands, turns around, and smacks Squirtle with it's tail. Squirtle passes out, and Dragonite has won once again.

Jessie decides that it's time to go, but James asks her for some nachos. Ignoring James's comment, she drags him along as Meowth leaves the stadium. Suddenly, a giant net covers Dragonite, and Team Rocket introduces themselves to the audience. Afterward, Dragonite effortlessly rips through the net and punctures Team Rocket's balloon, sending them soaring through heavens.

Ash commands Tauros, his next Pokémon, to use Take Down, but Dragonite flies and goes for a Body Slam. Ash tells Tauros to stand still, and Dragonite's attack connects. The dust clears, and to Drake's surprise, Tauros is unharmed. Ash tells his opponent that the sand acted like a cushion, absorbing Dragonite's shock. Now hooked on Tauros's horns, Dragonite is thrown to the other side of the field. However, Dragonite returns the favor with Thunder, knocking Tauros out.

Down to his last Pokémon, Ash has no other choice but to use Pikachu. He starts off with Agility, but Pikachu is still not fast enough to avoid Dragonite's Tail Whip. Recovering from the blow, Pikachu hears Drake order his Dragonite to use Hyper Beam. An explosion ensues, and Ash is devastated, thinking that it's all over. Much to everyone's surprise, Pikachu survived the Hyper Beam using it's tail as a springboard to avoid the blast. Ash cheers Pikachu on as it lands on Dragonite's head. The exhausted Dragonite tries to get it off, but it has no luck. Realizing that Pikachu can't hold on much longer, Tracey tells Ash to do something fast. Pikachu unleashes a powerful Thunder attack, shocking Dragonite and filling the stadium with bright lights and electricity. Dragonite shakes Pikachu off, and after the two have a staring contest, Dragonite falls. Ash has won.

Congratulating him on such a decisive victory, Drake presents Ash with the coveted Winner's Trophy and a spot in the Palace of Victory. Now a part of the Orange League Hall of Fame, I think it's about time for Ash to return that G/S Ball!