Episode #83 - Fit to Be Tide

Ash, Misty and Tracey riding on Lapras decide to go to Maikan Island to compete in one of the Orange League gyms. When they arrive Ash discovers a coconut on the ground. Hungry, he picks it up, and water splashes down on him. It was a trap set by the little brother of the Maikan gym leader (which Sissy, the gym leader calls him "Brat").

Sissy accepts Ash's challenge for a gym match, and they enter the gym. Ash is surpised to find out that this is a test of skill, rather than a battle. The first skill match is knocking down drink cans with a water gun attack. Ash uses Squirtle against her Seadra. The match ends up to be a draw. Then, they try to hit plates shot into the air, Ash ties with the gym leader again. Then, they decide to have a race in the water, the first one around the pole wins. Ash uses Lapras against her Blastoise.

Before the match can begin, Team Rocket intrudes, and tell of their dramatic hard time sinking to the bottom in their Mecha-Magikarp (that's right Magikarp, not Gyarados). Then, they steal Blastoise and get away. They are stopped again because they can't peddle their sub, because of the seaweed. They push very hard, but simply break the peddles. Blastoise swims out and returns to the shore dragging Team Rocket along. They are defeated and blast off again as usual, and the race begins.

It is a close race all the way, both Pokémon using various techinques to gain the advantage. Near the end, Lapras uses an ice beam to freeze the water in front and slides all the way to victory, but only by a nose. Ash recieves the badge, which is shaped like a seashell, as all Orange League badges are. The seashell badge has a "eye" on it, and is called the Coral Eye Badge. And they all ride off on Lapras, towards another island.