Episode #84 - Pikachu Re-Volts

After getting a badge from the one of the gyms Ash and his friends sail on Laparas to Kinkan Island to eat, but as they got off of Ash's new Laparas he saw some Pokémon trying to attack their trainers as soon as Ash and his friends went to help them Togepy and Pikachu all of a sudden turned againsted Ash as he kept trying to get Pikachu back he gets shocked by a magneton and voltorb selfdesctruced.

When officer Jenny came she explained that other trainers had also lost their Pokémon mysteriously. Meanwhile when Team Rocket arrived at the island Meowth suddenly became hypnotized and ran to the source of the Pokémon being hypnotized. Jessy and James followed Meowth and then found out it was a plan of Butch and Cassidy that used a Drowzee to send waves across the island and steal the pokemon but when Jessy and James try to use Weezing Arbok Lickitung and Victreebel,Victreebel had James in his mouth and then all the pokemon attacked Jessy and James. After finding themselves in the police station Ash,his friends teamed up with Team rocket and got in Butch and Cassidy's base when they got in Ash taunted Pikachu and Pikachu thundershocked the base.Then Butch and Cassidy offered a match with their Drowzee but then Drowzee started to do metronome and so did Togeipy which caused a big explosion and Butch and Cassidy to go to jail.