Episode #86 - In the Pink

The gang are continuing through the Orange Archipelago on Lapras just as they are swallowed up into a big whirlpool. They land on Pinkan Island and follow Tracy up a cliff where they find a pink Rhyhorn. The Pokemon on Pinkan Island are pink because they eat the fruit, which is pink. Tracey hides and draws a sketch of it. Ash wonders if he can walk so close to it, and before anyone can stop him he goes right up to the Rhyhorn. Ash starts to pet it's horn and it gets scared so it attacks.

They are near the edge of the cliff just as Togepi waves it's arms and they're teleported out of danger. Unfortunately the Rhyhorn falls over without the gang there to block it. Officer Jenny comes by and informs them they cannot be there because it is a protected Pokémon reserve. They bring the Rhyhorn back up and it wasn't hurt. Meanwhile, Team Rocket landed on the island and began searching for pink Pokémon. They spot a pink Jigglypuff! But, Jigglypuff is always pink so it's no good. They wonder around and soon discover there are tons of them and all rare because of their pink color. They attempt to capture two pink Nidoran, but are stopped by a pink Nidoking.

Just then, Officer Jenny and the group arrive in a van to find the Nidoking. They try to stop it with other Pokemon, but that doesn't work. Again Togepi saves them with a barrier attack and it stops Nidoking long enough for them to get out of the van and Jenny to stop Nidoking. Eventually she gets a rope around it. After things are all tied up, they leave the island and promise not to tell people about it for fear someone wants to capture Pokemon from the island to use for shows.