Episode #87 - Shell Shock

Ash and friends are riding on Lapras and all of the sudden 2 BIG boats come zooming by to a island not to far from them. They arrive at the island to find a T.V. lady filming a report on something, behind the lady there are explorers. The T.V. lady is doing a report on a Kabuto fossil found by fisherman on the island. The explorers are lead by none other then Nurse Joy!!

They explain that they are in search for the legendary extinct Kabuto, and Ash and the gang want to search too. After a while a very big rock was pushed down a hill by a shadowy figure, which no one saw. Later (oh ya by the way the rock was stopped by Pokemon) they go to this mysterious bay, and start to search there, another rock falls but they escape. Later another rock falls but Pikachu see's the figure and chases it, Ash see's Pikachu chasing it and starts to chase it also.

The shadowy figure reveals himself, he tells them to get off the island, and also tells them a predicament, the predicament goes like this: If a preditor comes on the island a purple moon will come out at night and water will flood land. At this same moment a explorer comes running and says he found some more fossils. The whole group, even the man goes to this cave and they find tens of thousands of Kabuto fossils, pretty soon Team Rocket comes and steals all of the Kabuto fossils!! But the moon is purple and the Kabuto fossils suddenly come real! And the cave collapses and they run up to the forest, it turns up that the island is made from Kabuto all the fossils make the island. They all make a raft and pretty soon the island is gone, and the Kabuto sail to find another place where they can live in peace.